Dnepro's development - Bugsky sea transport knot without the Nikolaev enterprise is impossible

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According to the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot"Alexander Golodnitsky, sounded on June 27 on a press - conferences, Dnepro's development - Bugsky sea transport knot without active participation in it process of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" won't be gained. However, such conclusion took shape not at once, and in the course of long work with GP "Chernomorniiproyekt".

We will remind that else in 2007 the contract with the GP "Chernomorniiproyekt" branch institute for development of the Concept of development of Dnepro - Bugsky transport knot was signed. For today the developer came to a certain stage, and then works slowed down as it was necessary to rethink the Concept of development of Dnepro - Bugsky sea transport knot and GP "The Delta — the Pilot" role in this regard.

Therefore 2 weeks ago as reportedA.Golodnitsky, at joint meeting with "Chernomorniiproyekt" the contract on development of the Concept was reformatted.

- Why there is an interest "The delta - the pilot? Binding artery of the Nikolaev ports is BDLK. And any strategic prospect of ports and terminals of the region can be unsuccessful if BDLK doesn't correspond in the demanded afternoon to characteristics. "Chernomorniiproyekt" developed for dockers and terminalshchik the special questionnaire which has to define prospects of development of Dnepro - Bugsky sea transport knot not only on the next year - three, but also strategically, - reportedA.Golodnitsky.

Therefore before "The delta - the pilot" costs a task to reconstruct BDLK for providing technical characteristics which will satisfy dockers and terminalshchik.But before in compliance with requirements of dockers and terminalshchik (which "The delta - the pilot" in full yet didn't see - questionnaires only started arriving) "Chernomorniiproyekt" has to finish the sea section of a comprehensive plan within one and a half months, and "The delta - the pilot" - to sign the contract with "Chernomorniiproyekt" for development of the feasibility report of BDLK, and also to resolve an issue of sources of financing of development of the section "Railway and Motor Transport".

As explainedA.Golodnitsky, the section "Railway and Motor Transport" is a non-core fragment for "The delta - the pilot" but as all works are carried out under the auspices of the enterprise, it is a question of search of "colleagues" for end of this section in the Concept.

I paid attentionA.Golodnitskyand to prospects of construction of GSH "Danube — the Black Sea". With this navigable course not everything is simple (both on the international scene, and on internal - the enterprise is involved in lawsuits with one of contractors).

But, as reportedA.Golodnitsky, by the end of September fully the first stage of construction will be reached (and the river part of GSH already corresponds). And further everything will depend on an international situation. We will add that since April 18, 2007 (this date consider as date of renewal of navigation on the channel) through GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" passed 1388 vessels. And the income of the enterprise from it made 7,8 million UAH


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