The Nikolaev militiamen bring up "Maugli"

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- the distributor in Nikolaev got to the receiver 12 - the summer child who wasn't able neither to read, nor to write. Vagrancy and thefts were the main occupations of "the wild boy". As reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it - from Bogdanovk's village of the Domanevsky area. Jobless parents - alcoholics at all weren't engaged in education of the son. The family lives in insanitary conditions.

The receiver - the distributor became for 12 - summer "Maugli" not punishment, and chance. Here he learned to read the abc-book, and already even writes with printing letters, solves examples. Besides, with tutors from the receiver the child with pleasure is engaged in drawing.

Employees of the receiver - the distributor say that the boy makes progress in study in which shows persistence and diligence.

As the employee of TsOSA Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area Inna Demyanenko told, lack of mutual understanding with parents, low financial position in a family, the conflicts to friends and schoolmates, etc.

is the main reasons of antisocial behavior of teenagers

The destiny of such children is, as a rule, in advance predetermined. They or become tramps and beggars, or take a way of commission of crimes.

Teenagers who made socially dangerous actions and also which need immediate isolation go to the receiver - the distributor for minor Regional Departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. Besides, teenagers in relation to whom according to a judgment coercive measures of educational character in the form of the direction in uchebno - educational establishments of social rehabilitation are applied, and also minors who self-willedally left these specialinstitutions here get.

The period of stay of the teenager in the receiver doesn't exceed 30 days. During this time with it the scheduled maintenance directed on identification of the reasons, conditions of commission of crimes and offenses, and also individually - educational actions where the special attention is paid to development of merits and interests of the child is carried out.In the receiver - the distributor for children necessary conditions for their re-education and carrying out occupations with them on the main subject matters are created.


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