Universal soldiers 79-й airmobile crew risk to meet the enemy with hot potato and the cleared-away road

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At about noon on September 9 before the building of administration of the Central district on Sadovaya Street 12 servicemen who carried out duties of cleaners and yard keepers - a bank were noticed, dug, collected garbage. From them a half - younger serzhantsky structure. The senior lieutenant directed process.

The joke about the guy who has gone to army who sent home the letter was necessarily remembered: "Us here learn to clean snow and to cook potato. So if the enemy will attack - we to him will clear away the road and we will prepare to guzzle".

Not soldier's this business - in the face of all citizens the revenge street. Besides, the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies you pay for it money to the specialized enterprises. And these enterprises provide to the city authorities acts of the performed works.

For explanations we addressed to the commander 79-й separate airmobile crew to the colonelTo Konstantin Maslennikov. With it we give conversation literally.

- Why your soldiers did the territory cleaning before administration of the Central district?

- Because it is necessary to help the city. If for the city already anybody does nothing, someone has to be engaged in this work. And the administration of the Central district helped us.

- Than?

- Washing machine, microwave ovens, presented a watch that who is transferred to the reserve.

- How many people it was involved in cleaning?

- Difficult precisely to tell.

- And approximately?

- Why it? You want to discuss it on the Internet?

- We saw the person 12. Perhaps, them actually was hundred?

- No, not hundred. We have no so many people.

- What places still cleaned?

- Only before administration.

- Why soldiers did the cleaning instead of being engaged in military preparation?

- They weren't engaged today in tactical preparation - their division was in a dress. And those who remained in a dress, have no occupations.In the same way they could clean our territory.

- Someone from that military personnel which cleaned today, participated in demonstration performances on the date of airborne forces?

- Participated.

- How many people from them?

- In total.

- Whether you consider, something, what the military personnel cleans city streets, discredits the Ukrainian army?

- No, I don't consider. I consider that journalists who try to speak about it, already discredits the Ukrainian army. And that the people and army are uniform - it so was, is and has to occur in the normal state. And if the government doesn't allocate enough funds for establishing order in the city, it is a shame to military to leave to such city in which it is dirty.

- How many hours in your part in day are taken away on military training of soldiers, and how many - on cleaning?

- It is a firm secret.

- Thank you that answered.

- There is a program of combat training. And we have, unfortunately, not the American army or to pleasure not the American army. We have a universal soldier - he both sweeps, and cleans, both runs, and shoots, and everything manages to make in 12 hours allowed to him on time occupations.


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