Ukraine at the prices overtook Europe

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For anybody not a secret that price level in Ukraine and Kiev in particular doesn't correspond for a long time to level of the income of bulk of the population. At average about the country to a salary in $300 consumer expenses became inadmissibly big. Moreover, in the absolute plan the cost of goods in our market in some segments already exceeded indicators of the developed western countries and even Moscow which until recently it was accepted to call the most expensive city of the world. First of all it concerns record-breaking risen in price food which share in structure of expenses of the average Ukrainian on - former occupies about 60%.

We will try to compare the prices in the different countries of Europe. Also we will begin, actually, with the Kiev prices.

Deflation prospects: the prices continue growth

By results of the first half of June price level on the main products of a basket (all prices are specified in the grivnyakh) is given below. Bakery products: bread (in unitary enterprise. ) - 3 loaves - 5,58, a long loaf (in unitary enterprise. ) - 6 - 10,56; cookies - 2 kg - 20,64. Fruit and vegetables: bananas - 2 kg - 11,3; oranges - 2 kg - 15,1; apples - 2 kg - 23,9; potatoes (old) - 3 kg - 10,71; beet - 300 g - 3,35; carrots - 0,5 kg - 5,3; cabbage - 1 kg - 11,1. Seasonal products: cucumbers - 1 kg - 4,99; tomatoes - 1 kg - 9,89; young potatoes - 1 kg - 5,7; parsley - 150 g - 6,29; fennel - 150 g - 4,95; green onions - 150 g - 5,25. Eggs and meat products: eggs - 2 tens - 11,4; pork - 1 kg (meat on an edge) - 35,99; beef - 1 kg (a breast, meat on an edge) - 25,49; beef - 1 kg (cutting) - 54,99; pork - 1 kg (cutting) - 49,99; chicken meat - 1 kg (carcass) - 17,56; sausage raw smoked - 1 stick - 28,57; sausage boiled - 0,5 kg - 18,95. Dairy products: milk - 3 l - 13,95; kefir - 5 l - 24,2; yogurt - 2 l - 13,68;firm cheese - 500 g - 20,85; cottage cheese - the 4th unitary enterprise. on 250 g - 20,8; sour cream - 0,5 l (15%) - 4,13; butter, 82,5% - 2 items on 250 g - 12,4. Groceries: ketchup - 1 unitary enterprise. - 3,04; mayonnaise - 1 unitary enterprise. - 2,54; buckwheat - 1 kg - 6,1; rice - 1 kg - 8,78; sugar - 1 kg - 4,29; vegetable oil - 0,5 l - 5,15. Total: the consumer basket will cost 537,5 UAH

Sugar and milk will support inflation

For the beginning of June average on the Russian shops and the markets the price of kilogram of potatoes equaled 1,42 dollars. Rice is on sale on the average on 1,87 dollars for kilogram, carrots - on 2,27, chicken - on 3,70. Aerated water cost an average around the city of 0,72 dollars.

Comparing the prices, it becomes clear that the most expensive potato is on sale in Kiev. Moscow takes the third place in this nomination, having overtaken Berlin and Stockholm and conceding to the British capital of only 14 cents for a kilogram. The cheapest potatoes appeared in Minsk that doesn't surprise.

Kiev became the capital of the most expensive carrots again. Behind it Stockholm settled down, Moscow has the third place with scanty (7 cents) a difference in comparison with Swedes. Berlin and London ceded in this rating even Tbilisi. And low cost Minsk caused a stir again. Here, by the way, the lowest price and of fig. Krupyana the champion - London, "silver" at Stockholm. Here Moscow was pressed from a pedestal by Kiev, having outstripped the Russian capital on 3 cents.

Chickens are more expensive, than in Stockholm, isn't present anywhere. The second and third prizes were taken respectively by London and Baku. Moscow got only the sixth position. Cheaper than all this a product in Berlin. For comparison: inhabitants of the German capital spend for it practically twice less, than tbilisets.

At last, the cook - a stake. It isn't included in the obligatory menu, certainly, but an idea of price level gives. And so, it is most cheaper in Tbilisi, Astana and Baku (a difference between these cities - 2-5 cents). Most expensive bank of popular drink it appeared in London, Stockholm and Berlin. Moscow and here the sixth.

If to put all these five products in a conditional basket, that it will be the road in Stockholm and London - more than 14 dollars. Further there is Kiev where such mini - the set pulls for 12 dollars. Moscow on the fourth position. On only 30 with small cents lagged behind the Russian capital of Tbilisi and Baku. Close the list Astana, Berlin (the penultimate! ) and Minsk which go practically level with a difference to 15-25 cents.

We will draw a price parallel Ukraine - Italy - Austria. In Ukraine it is possible to buy any cheap grain. But if it wants something more exotically, for example, dishes European (French, Italian) kitchens, ingredients will cost much more dearer. Wines which in Italy there are €5, here - €50. The restaurant food too surprises. The real coffee of espresso isn't present, but costs local espresso of $4-5, and in Italy - €0,9.

The clothes in Ukraine are more expensive, irrespective of quality. In Italy it is possible to stint for €500-600, here the similar set of clothes will cost €1500. The same can be told about the cost of many other goods, for example, about housing rent.

In Europe it is accepted to carry simple things. Here many, especially ladies, seek to look good not simply, and is smart. Thus the clothes are much more expensive, than in Vienna. In Kiev people aspire to all "beautiful". It is more than time and money spend for personal care. Services of hairdressing salons and beauty shops expensive.

In Kiev at every turn shops of hours, and they there cost €20, 30, 50 thousand. Separate conversation - expensive cars. The car for Ukrainians - important attribute of self-expression. In Austria heads of large financial holding go by Mazda of 1985 of release (in Ukraine such car can be bought privately for $2,5-3 thousand). Luxury goods here are often more expensive. For example, one of Vertu Ascent phone models in Austria costs €4,5 thousand, and in Ukraine - €6 thousand

Ukraine differs very cheap disks. Here movies cost about €10 (license), in Italy - €20-30. One game in general can cost €70-80. Gasoline also while is cheaper. Cigarettes stand - €1 instead of the European €5 much less. Though range small. Prices for products of agriculture already come nearer to Austrian. Now their cost is lower than everything for 20-30% though the labor in Ukraine is cheaper many times. As for air transportation, Kiev - one of the most expensive destination in Europe. From Vienna to London or to Moscow to fly cheaper, than to Kiev though territorially the capital of Ukraine is much closer.

Real estate. The Austrian realtors ask a question why in Kiev she is dearer, than in Paris. In the center of Vienna, near Opera theater, rent of office rooms stands up €20 for square meter, and here in any business - the center - $60-80. The answer it is possible to formulate approximately the following: because in Kiev "Maybakhov" is more.

The consumer phenomenon is especially noticeable at visit of capital clothing stores.In shop of the American McGragor trademark the plain short skirt sewed in the Third World country with cheap labor, costs about $500, an unpretentious jacket - $400. At the same time on a site of the American shop of this trademark of the price hesitate within $65-200. Miracles of pricing are explained seemingly simply. Foreign brands don't want to invest own money in business in Ukraine. Therefore almost all network clothing stores of a segment of mass-market (Esprit, Mango, Tally Weijl, Guess, Adidas, Promod, Tommy Hilfiger, with Sasch and so forth) work for us according to franchizes. Only to beat off the cost of franchizes (€30-150 thousand) it is necessary to increase the "European" price of two - three. And considering that rent of floor spaces in Kiev is more expensive, than in many European capitals ($100-300 for sq.m), and that the Ukrainian dealers won't work at profitability less than 20-40%, the final price and it turns out such transcendental. And the buyers, ready to overpay, allow such phenomenon to develop … The youth snatches away jeans which in Europe there are $5, for 400-500 UAH …

In the big cities of Ukraine, as well as Russia, in everything the cult of big money is felt: if you aren't a VIP, you don't respect. The person perceive on appearance, on attributes - the car, phone, hours, etc. Therefore people try to be allocated on these indicators. The scale of the personality leaves on the second plan. Plus to everything, at us is considered normal to treat people of other social level badly. For us it is norm - to show the status not only appearance, but also "lordly" behavior.

Probably, thirst for status things can be explained to that 70 years people were deprived of everything, and now at their order there was of what they could dream only earlier. It is psychology of the little boy who long dreamed, say, of the machine. When the boy had an opportunity to buy the desired machine, he took at once two. These are psychological complexes which, we will hope, over time will pass.

Obviously, the heritage of communism affects. Once all people were identical, and once someone was allocated from lump, it right there put into place. Therefore Ukrainians also reach for the best appearance - to them it is necessary as - that to self-express. Probably, Ukrainians have an inferiority complex of national scale. People so aren't sure of themselves that are compelled to show advantages external attributes, to be allocated financially. In it Ukrainians are close to Americans.In the USA too it is accepted to speak about welfare, to show it. And in Austria material welfare hide. There is even a saying: about money don't speak, them earn. Rich people not always go by respectable cars, often wear common clothes, seldom use luxury goods.


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