GP "The Delta — the Pilot" plans to update the specialfleet

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The enterprise GP "The Delta — the Pilot" to the traditional plans to add today such kind of activity, as "services of watercrafts" though there are financial questions.

Today GP "The Delta — the Pilot" have 3 investment directions:

1) GSH "Danube — the Black Sea".
A.Golodnitsky: "Ukraine could break rather categorical formulations about this project, and to come to formulations "to suggest the Ukrainian party to reconsider a final decision of the state of Ukraine on GSH construction" and for completion of the official document to recommend to Ukraine work messages only within the first stage of construction. Final decision - the document which was sent in December 2007 to the convention secretariat, didn't pass coordination with the Romanian party. But neither MINTRNANS, nor the government doesn't see in it никакго influence on GSH, I will explain why - works will be conducted in parallel, and on October 31 will pass the next meeting to which the Ukrainian party will undergo all necessary procedures. "

2) Modernization and construction of services of regulation of movement of vessels. It is a question first of all of the automated radar posts (construction); regarding modernization - modernization is demanded by quite large number of posts, unfortunately, the majority today in the Nikolaev region aren't certified, still have a number of deviations from the standards approved still in 2003 - a little reformed and specialized division of the enterprise this year will be engaged in this task.
A.Golodnitsky: "This year we assume the end of construction of service of regulation of movement of vessels in Feodosiya. The gain of quantity of vessel calls of tankers to the Feodosiysky port makes about 60%, a gain absolutely certain, there are rather great investment opportunities, and there are investors who want to increase significantly cargo handling in Feodosiysky port unfortunately still that PRDS doesn't meet the requirements, it is in hotel in the downtown and doesn't give information on all bay. This year SRDS to the Feud it will be constructed.Works as financial division of the enterprise on calculation and preparation of regulatory base on modification in tariff сборик MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT about a tariff for services SRDS that is necessary for full rendering complex services are conducted. At the exit we have to have that tariff which will allow to pay back those expenses which we incurred".

3) Construction of several units of specialfleet of the enterprise.
Gennady Garas,deputy director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot": "The specialfleet of the enterprise experiences real difficulties as average age of our pilot boats reaches from 20 to 30 years - the vessels which have outdate morally. We try to support them according to requirements of the register of Ukraine, but every year it everything more expensively and costs dearer. In this regard the enterprise accepted the concept of development of fleet which provides its updating. Is planned to begin this year construction of a series of the vessels which prototype there is our leader "Pilot Kokhanov", taking into account five years' operation. Vessels of such class it is planned to put the 3rd plus of 2 boats of so-called middle class. We plan to involve to the tender domestic builders. Regarding use of a tow of "Gaydamak" - now we look for more effective options of use of this multi-purpose tow".


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