On an altar of pharmaceutical business

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Experts claim that pharmaceutical business - the most profitable after oil and gas. How many now functions various pharmaceutical associations, drugstores, the pharmaceutical booths located often, as they say, one on one...

In that in this business is a lot of representatives of the medical sphere - anything surprising. In - the first to earn a worthy living - it isn't guilty, in - the second - low wages simply compel many physicians to look for additional ways of earnings. Someone charges itself(himself) with work in private offices, someone - non-staff watches, others are engaged in distribution of production anyway concerning branch of medicine. And so to conversation on the last we were pushed by the address of young mother who, according to the insistent recommendation of the pediatrician of maternity hospital, got to the newborn kid one of domestic probiotics - biologically active supplement on the basis of "useful" bacteria...

According to this woman, right after childbirth (still being in maternity hospital with the child) the doctor told her: "You surely have to buy this preparation! Will go to the specified address, will take medicine and start giving at once it to the kid, and differently it can have undesirable problems with intestines! ". Well what mother after such words wouldn't listen to council of dear doctor?

- I immediately called the husband, and he, without delaying, rushed off in regional hospital behind this preparation, - the woman shared.
The medicine packaged in 10 bags with "fastener", appeared not from cheap - 100 hryvnias. But what such 100 hryvnias, so far as concerns health of the newborn, especially - the first-born? For God's sake! But...

The young woman was guarded by the story of her spouse: that was much surprised, in what conditions there is a trade in this vital preparation: "It is simple in the hospital foyer where a great lot of the different people crowds, near registry on a stool the aunt, near it - a little table and the refrigerator sits.Documents any to you on the right of the trade, any licenses and certificates for goods, simply you approach, you say that it is necessary to you, you get money, you - from the refrigerator bags with medicine, you pay off - and it is free", - here so I depicted process of acquisition of the recommended medicine the husband of this woman.

Nevertheless, the care of the newborn and the confidential attitude towards the doctor forced out all fears of parents away - from the first day of life they began to give to drink to the child a probiotic. First young mother didn't pay attention that the kid after reception of a preparation couldn't stop violent shout - after all seldom what newborn differs quiet temper.

- Having already discharged from maternity hospital, I began to notice that each time after probiotic reception to my child everything became worse and worse - he cried, it began vomiting - negative reaction was available. And on 13-й put its health so worsened that we right there rushed to children's regional hospital to the pediatrician. And that as soon as heard that we give 13 days to the kid the probiotic appointed in maternity hospital, told: "Immediately cancel! Recently similar reaction to this preparation arose at many children and when drug intake stopped, the situation changed cardinally".

And what you would think? After probiotic cancellation the child really was on the mend, and all symptoms disturbing it earlier disappeared.

"I don't say that this probiotic is bad or good. How many people - are so much and opinions. One it can simply approach, and another - No. It seems to me that before any appointment the doctor has to appoint inspection, especially, when the speech - about newborns. To appoint a preparation everything, without features of an organism of each child, is, on - to mine, it is inadmissible. At least because on the same medicine different people can have absolutely different reaction", - the woman shared reflections.
We learned that lets out a preparation one Kiev firm, extending in 49 cities of Ukraine through sales representatives. Previously having composed "legend", called back to the representative in Nikolaev, whose address appeared on a site of this firm, and asked, whether he where it is possible to buy this probiotic will prompt.

- How? That in maternity hospital didn't tell you, what at once it was necessary to buy? Why you didn't get it still then? - The man's voice in a tube sounded instructively strictly.

Having explained in the beginning that "then" didn't buy a probiotics because not especially trusted modern medicine as we are supporters of a grandmother's advice, "admitted" - now we "regret". Confused that on a question, whether the interlocutor the pediatrician is, the answer didn't hear - the representative fast curtailed conversation on other subject - in what of four points of the city it will be more favorable to us to buy a preparation. And on a request to prompt, to what probiotic from all series to give preference, I answered: "They, in principle, all identical. Generally are live bacteria. The rest you will be told when you will arrive to buy a preparation".

Alas - in the history, young mother told us, anybody explained nothing to her spouse - but wrote down number of maternity hospital in which she gave birth, and a surname of the doctor who has appointed of a probiotics. Why - it became known later: earlier, at realization of this preparation in glass the flakonchikakh, mummies after his use asked container to hand over to the doctors prescribing them this probiotic - for the reporting about quantity sold. Now process of sales modernized by means of polyethylene bags with "fastener", but rules of the account left the same.

Eh, poor kids! To them which only were born, not the uncle from the street, and the doctor, it is universal and without fail appoints a preparation which, "contains biomass of living cells of multicomponent symbiosis of pro-biotic microorganisms". The official site of firm gives such treatment. Depending on a type of a probiotic, in it is available from 14 to 24 strains of different types of bifid bacteria, лактококков, lactobacilli and the propionovokislykh of bacteria. And as the weak organism of the newborn will cope with this "compote" - his private matter...

By the way, a probiotic period of storage - 2 months at a temperature from 2 ° to 6 °C. Its transportation has to be carried out with observance of rules of Holodova of a chain. Only who will give a guarantee, what regional distributors of this production which is widely used in medicine, but thus doesn't appear in the state register of pharmaceutical preparations, accurately observe these rules?

There is more. As one competent expert explained, some live bacteria when transporting on distance over 300 kilometers, "on the road often perish". And after all from Kiev to Nikolaev - more than 500 km...


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