Tax specialists checked the Nikolaev drugstores - violations are and much

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The staff of tax police of the Nikolaev area on performance of an order of the Government concerning prevention of violations of the tax legislation in the market of medicines, stabilization of the prices of separate drugs and products of medical appointment are daily carried out inspections of pharmaceutical institutions. About it reported in Management of tax police of GNA in the Nikolaev area.

For performance of the put task it was created 41 mobile group by which working off of pharmaceutical institutions and subjects of economic activity which carry out wholesale trade in medicines and products of medical appointment is carried out.

The attention of tax specialists is directed on identification of violations of the current legislation, overestimate of the boundary prices and prevention of speculation.

Since October 31 in the territory of the Nikolaev area mobile groups carried out 156 inspections of pharmaceutical institutions, 10 violations of the tax legislation on which in the budget are revealed 11,7 thousand UAH

are additionally accrued

Thus, it is established by the carried-out inspections that almost in each drugstore from 15-ти obligatory names of drugs concerning which state regulation is introduced, it is possible to find only 3-4 preparations. In most cases they in general are absent.

By results of the held events by tax police of area materials in which lack of the range of drugs is documented prepare for transfer to Management of the state medicinal inspection.

During the carried-out inspections 17 facts of overestimate of the limit prices of medicines and a product of medical appointment are established.

The state inspectorate for control of the prices will be informed on the found facts in the Nikolaev area, for acceptance of the appropriate measures of reaction.

In particular, excess of retail prices most often meets on such medicines and products of medical appointment, as: gauze and masks, and also on antibiotics, antiviral and imunomodeliruyushchy means.

As of November 9, 2009 divisions of tax police of the Nikolaev area found two resonant facts connected with a violation of the law in area production and realization of medicines and medical preparations.

So, the staff of tax police of Nikolaev when checking a pharmaceutical warehouse in the downtown an established fact of storage and realization of medical preparations at inflated prices, without documents of allowing character, and also without documents which confirm an origin of medicines. During the held events medicines and products of medical appointment (a gauze, gauze bandages, syringes, gloves disposable), antibiotics, antiviral funds for total amount more than 1,3 million UAH

were withdrawn

And the established fact of implementation of packaging and Oxygen the Medical Gaseous medicine realization was the staff of tax police of Pervomaisk. This activity was carried out without existence of the corresponding license. During the held events by the staff of tax police the production equipment for production and packaging "Oxygen medical gaseous" by an estimated cost of 310 thousand UAH

was withdrawn

We will remind that "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that last week the Nikolaev tax specialists covered the medical center which worked illegally. The equipment for the sum more than 150 thousand UAH is withdrawn

Control of realization of medicines and products of medical appointment proceeds.


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