On KP "Nikolayevvodokanal" numerous violations on labor protection are revealed - 12 people are made responsible

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Having checked a condition of labor protection at the City municipal enterprise "Nikolayevvodokanal", specialists of territorial administration of the Gospromnadzor in the Nikolaev area found out that work concerning providing safe working conditions is conducted not in full.

During check 46 objects of the increased danger were examined. As reports a press - the center of the Gospromnadzor for the Nikolaev area, check revealed 153 violations of requirements for labor protection therefore work of 20 objects of the increased danger is suspended. For the revealed violations eight officials and four workers are brought to administrative responsibility.

In particular, by state inspectors it was established, what not all workers of cleaning constructions of the sewerage, pump stations of the sewerage are provided with filtering gas masks suitable for use, overalls and specialfootwear.

Exhaust ventilation doesn't work at Galitsinovsky cleaning constructions of the sewerage in lattices. In ventilating system reserve exhaust fans aren't provided. It was established that pritochno - exhaust ventilation is faulty at several pump stations.

Warehouses of liquid chlorine at the chlorination on a cleaning construction of a water supply system and pump station of water aren't equipped with skruberny installation and a water veil which has to be externally at distance not less than three meters from the building of a warehouse of chlorine.

Also the facts of use of the equipment (telfer, the crane - beams) which fulfilled an operation deadline were elicited, or didn't pass technical inspection.

For the last three years at the enterprise three accidents connected with production are registered. By state for November 1, 2009 of accidents and occupational diseases it isn't registered.


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