The Nikolaev enterprises ran into debt to the workers of 17 million

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For October, 2009 the sum of debt of the enterprises before the employees grew by 4,2 million UAH, there were 11 new - old debtors on a salary. But for November 25 the number of the enterprises - debtors (from 39 to 31-го), and the debt sum (decreased from 19 million 838,1 thousand UAH to 17 million 150,9 thousand UAH) also.

However if to consider branch structure of the enterprises - debtors, how the deputy of the mayorreported presiding on November 26 at meeting of the city commission on questions of payment of a salary and repayments of debt on it 1-йYury Granaturov, 70% of the enterprises - debtors are industrial enterprises, and 20% - the construction enterprises.

But so it happened that at this meeting the situation with debts on a salary at the enterprises of ship-building branch or connected with shipbuilding was considered.

From appeared for the last month in debtors - GAHK "ChSZ" and its "daughters" (JSC Nikolaev Engineering Plant and JSC Malyarno — the Insulating Enterprise Raduga).

If at GAHK "ChSZ" for October 1 of debt on a salary wasn't, for November 1 it equaled 1 million 450,4 thousand UAH. By November 24 to factory workers extinguished part of debt (it was necessary to pay 750,4 thousand UAH), but there was completely unpaid a salary for October (2 million 795 thousand UAH). As the representative who was present at meeting of administration of plant promised, every other day - two the debt will be extinguished, and in weeks two will pay the current debt. It has to be helped by sped-up work of management of plant on ship repair.

Approximately the same picture and on JSC Nikolaev Engineering Plant: for October 1 of debts on a salary wasn't, for November 1 it made 463,2 thousand UAH. With debts by November 24 paid off, however 70,1% of a salary for October (454,5 thousand UAH) aren't paid. Representatives of the enterprise at meeting promised this question soon to solve.

Similar situation on JSC MIP Raduga:for October 1 of debt wasn't, for November 1 it made 106 thousand UAH. By November 24 with debts paid off, but didn't pay an October salary (269,9 thousand UAH). At meeting the representative of plant reported that 1,7 million UAH to the enterprise for the performed work were run into debt by JSC Vadan Yards Okean therefore with this plant negotiations on that it as soon as possible extinguished available debt are conducted. As soon as "Ocean" will pay off, the representative of "Rainbow", so people promised the salary and will receive.

Not more with pleasure now is also to the State enterprise "Issledovatelsko — the Design Center of Shipbuilding". For October 1 the debt on a salary made 113,7 thousand UAH, for November 1 - already 520,2 thousand UAH. As of November 25 the situation with debt didn't change, besides, the salary for October in the sum of 475,9 thousand UAH

wasn't paid

Is at this enterprise and debt to PFU of 420 thousand UAH. The reason of debt on a salary as the chief accountant of the enterprise Natalya Smirnova explained, - not financing of the defensive order which the state enterprise executed. Despite all addresses which were sent by institute to the government and defensive department, money is so received and wasn't. One hope remains at the staff of institute which is headed by one of the best designers of the former USSR Evgeny Borisov, - on construction of the Ukrainian corvette concerning which project the director of the enterprise now is in Kiev.

One more enterprise counts on implementation of the construction project of the Ukrainian corvettes - JSC Scientific Research Institute Centre at which as of November 24 the debt on a salary made 631,3 thousand UAH, besides, 68,5% of a salary for October of 105,1 thousand UAH (the debt to PFU is absent) weren't paid. As the representative of the enterprise reported, vessel delivery in Kherson (then will receive which - what means) wait, options of cooperation with the Russian plants (Yaroslavl are considered and Sankt - Petersburg), count on construction of corvettes. But, as the representative of the management of institute told, the question of existence and normal work of institute directly depends on shipbuilding plants.

And here representatives of GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards" which now received the status of economically active bankrupt, on meeting of the commission on questions of payment of a salary, probably, decided not to go any more - there is nothing to tell them, probably.As of November 1 the debt on a salary to factory workers made 7 million 360,8 thousand UAH, the salary for October wasn't completely paid, a debt and to PFU of 14 million 263,3 thousand UAH is had. It is necessary to add that communication with this plant is absent.


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