I sent to the robed Odessa museum God a picture for $200 million

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One of the pictures exposed in the Odessa museum of the Western and East arts, most likely, belongs to Vechellio Titian's brush - the great Italian artist of Renaissance. About this news agency"BRIDGE - Odessa"the director of the museum Vladimir OSTROVSKY told.

According to him, the staff of the museum found an invaluable cloth incidentally when studied a picture of the unknown Italian artist of Renaissance.

"On art value Titian's this picture, probably, much more valuably than the stolen Caravaggio", - V. Ostrovsky emphasized.

Now preliminary expert expertize of a picture by specialists of the Hermitage is carried out. Examination confirmed that the age of a cloth and composition of paint completely correspond to estimated time of its writing.

Staff of the museum and experts yet don't disclose the name and locations of a picture, being afraid of history repetition with Caravaggio's cloth "Judas's kiss or Christ's capture under guards".

We will remind, a masterpiece of world painting, Caravaggio's picture it was stolen from the museum and her further destiny still isn't known.

The cost of the found masterpiece, by various estimates, can reach 200 mln. dollars

The news agency notes that Titian Vechellio was born in 1477 in Italy (To Pyeva - di - Kadore in Belluno's provinces). In the birthplace it sometimes call da Cadore. It is known also as Titian Bozhestvenny.

It is considered one of the greatest Italian painters of Renaissance. Titian's name costs in the same row with geniuses of the Renaissance Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

Titian wrote pictures on biblical and mythological scenes, he became famous and as the portraitist. To it did orders kings and the Popes, cardinals, dukes and princes. Titian wasn't also thirty years old when him recognized as the best painter of Venice.

Its brushes belong such pictures as "Salome with John the Baptist's head" (1515), "Rise of the Mother of God" (1518), "Venus" (1538), etc.

The artist died from plague in Venice on August 27, 1576, having caught from the son, looking after him.

In honor of Titian the crater on Mercury is called.

Titian's works are stored in the greatest art galleries worldwide. Today with own hand created about 300 pictures are recognized Titian.

The cost of pictures of Titian is at present estimated in million dollars. A few years ago the picture "Diana and Akteon" managed to national galleries of London and Scotland in 50 million pounds sterling.


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