At the Black Sea shipbuilding plant the season of operated bankruptcy

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ISD corporation of Vitaly Gayduk and Sergey Taruta lost the remains of influence on the Black Sea shipbuilding plant. The conclusion of assets can follow it from ChSZ in favor of structures of Russian Vadim Novinsky.

The state joint-stock holding company "Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant" (Nikolaev) in the near future can run aground and lose the property complex. As "DS" became known, at the end of June the Economic court of the Nikolaev area gave start to new case of bankruptcy of ChSZ. As the initiating creditor in him the Nikolaev company "X-Nikolaev" entering a sphere of influence of IT corporation by "Monk" of Alexander Kardakov acted. The debt of ChSZ to this structure for the sum about 500 thousand UAH was formed in 2004 when it delivered the computer equipment on shipbuilding plant. Today at the enterprise the moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors, and on July 10 court is already entered will consider a question of appointment of the manager of property of GAHK. According to "DS" sources, Igor Zavertayny - the person whom consider by a creature of the Russian businessman Vadim Novinsky controlling now more than 90% of stocks ChSZ can become him.

Initiation of the next business on bankruptcy of ChSZ was preceded by closing with Economic court of the Nikolaev area previous, excited in far 1997 in the N. Itera company claim - once large regional supplier of the gas created by the Nikolaev businessman Anatoly Shiyanyuk and the Russian gas-trader "Itera" of Ram Vyakhirev. During this business debts to all creditors, except for one - Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant to which ChSZ ran into debt 305 thousand UAH were gradually satisfied. Why rather small debt of shipbuilding plant to the enterprise which is under control to ISD corporation, for long years wasn't paid, there is no mention. It is known only that alchevsky metallurgists were adjusted in relation to the debtor very rigidly and in 2006 even initiated its elimination.

But in 2007 there were events which radically changed alignment of forces to ChSZ, having affected a progress of the case about its bankruptcy.As already I reported "DS", summer of last year the Russian businessmen Igor and Oleg Churkiny (owners of Lviv Bus Plant), in 2003 taken at Fund of the state property of 90,25% of shares of ChSZ, lost control over the enterprise. It happened after in August on the basis of the decision of Suvorovsky district court of Kherson of the director general by means of law enforcement agencies the opponent of brothers Alexander Sagaydakov was reinstated, and after it at this position Ilya Gorn holding before a position of the vice-chairman of the supervisory board of the Kherson shipbuilding plant, under control - well replaced Novinskoma. In parallel with it in August, 2007 of structure of - on Novinsky ("Seltik" and "Everton") achieved in the arbitration court of the decision on recognition of the property right to JSC Sudmashprom actions - the company of brothers Churkinykh, owning 90,25% of stocks ChSZ. After that resale of a controlling stake of ChSZ was coordinated with Fund of the state property to the Kherson shipbuilding plant which finished in April of the current year. Then in the claim of engineering firm "Sakuntala" of Alexander Sagaydakov proceedings on bankruptcy of "Sudmashprom" which, most likely, will come to the end with making decision on liquidation of this enterprise were initiated.

However, despite these measures to guarantee itself quiet life on ChSZ of structure of - on Novinsky couldn't - Churkina's dissatisfied with the brothers that at them "took away" an attractive asset, began against the offender active judicial war. In September of last year they achieved a judgment about recognition by the owner of 90,25% of stocks ChSZ of the Panama company "Haskal Corporation" and gave start to the lawsuits setting the purpose to cancel solutions of meetings of shareholders to whom Vadim Novinsky's people were appointed in governing bodies of the ship-building enterprise. In such situation the decision to achieve closing of business on bankruptcy was made, as made

On June 10 this year after repayment of a debt to Alchevsky metallurgical complex. And in a week started new case of bankruptcy of ChSZ in which Vadim Vladislavovich's structures had an opportunity to receive control over committee of creditors of the enterprise and to remove its assets in the pure company from debts that can beat out the soil from - under feet of brothers Churkinykh.Besides, it she will allow to level attempts of the head of FGIU Valentina Semenyuk to influence ChSZ activity - last week declared that wants to see representatives of the department owning of 9,64% of stocks ChSZ, in the supervisory board of shipbuilding plant that obviously isn't in the plans of his present main owner. If the similar scenario is realized, g - N Novinsky will finish control registration over plant which in the Soviet Union was the key producer of aircraft carriers, and is now capable to build vessels of various type with the displacement up to 105 thousand tons.


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