Insurers and transport workers receive the biggest salary in area

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On July 9 on regional tripartite council of representatives of executive power, industrialists and labor unions discussed the urgent questions connected with problems of payments of a salary.

At the beginning of a meeting the vice-chairman of the regional state administration Vladimir Lusta noticed that during negotiations on such controversial questions as salary payment, the conclusion of collective agreements of the party came to the agreement thanks to that there is a common position in questions of social protection. "The most important, - the deputy governor emphasized, - that there were normal working conditions and stable payment of a salary".

Reporting on the first question, the chief of head department of work and social protection of the population of the regional state administration Olga Sivoplyas told that for May, 2008 in area 3888 collective agreements between workers and employers by whom nearly 285 thousand working are captured are signed. Actual there is a question of modification and additions in existing long-term collective agreements. Such in area - 1883.

In general since the beginning of year 240 target inspections of the enterprises were carried out. Concerning cases of violation of the rights of labor unions at the enterprises in the current year, such facts are elicited at private enterprise zhilishchno - an operational site No. 6 where heads in general ignored negotiation processes. Explanations and recommendations concerning situation coordination were provided to the director. Also at the Laktalis — Nikolaev enterprise thanks to efforts of regional office of National service of mediation and reconciliation the collective agreement for 2008-2009 was accepted.

The second question considered at meeting of tripartite council, concerned a condition of compensation at the area enterprises. Olga Sivoplyas told that since the beginning of year 3069 inspections at the area enterprises were carried out, and on 22 from them violations of the law regarding salary payment are revealed. The majority of violations concerns low level of a minimum wage at the enterprise which sometimes meets below, than minimum wage in the state - 525 UAH.

In the same level of an average monthly salary in area makes time to 1482 hryvnia that is 2,3 times higher than a living wage for able-bodied persons.

Most of all in Nikolayevshchina employees of insurance companies (2937 hryvnias) and sea transport (2869 hryvnias) earn.

Thanks to work with debtors the sum of an unpaid salary to workers of area was reduced for May by 341 thousand hryvnias, and since the beginning of year - on 1608 thousand hryvnias. The number of the enterprises - debtors was reduced within a month with 117 to 109 units.

The amount of debt on economically active enterprises of area was reduced on 416 thousand hryvnias, and since the beginning of year - on 1, 4 million UAH, and for June 1 made 4, 9 million hryvnias, the press - service YEAH reports.


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