The customer in the market accused of fraud, and the militia closed business

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"The seller in the Central market selected at me money and got nasty", - the inhabitant of Nikolaev Oksana Volodina told "20 хвилин".

- Usually I buy everything in supermarkets. I went marketing to buy flowers, - she speaks. - While went on the market, I decided to buy and a herring. I approached to the seller, I asked to wrap to me fish and I stretched her 50 hryvnias. The seller I took money and I turned away, probably, I considered delivery. Here I saw jam and told that I too will buy jam. The seller I put everything in a package, stretches to me. I'm saying: "And delivery? ". She answers: "What delivery? You gave nothing to me". Right there she began to shout: "Such as you, parted also thieves, I know! ". It pulled out a package from hands. I simply didn't expect the such. She started shouting at me in the face of so many people! The shop assistant from the next stall shouted: "It parted me yesterday for 100 hryvnias". I approached to this woman and asked: "You are sure, what it was I? ". She answered: "no".

Oksana says that it isn't money, and in the attitude towards people.

- I understand, the person was earned. Probably, she simply forgot as I gave it money, - the customer speaks. - But she called me such words! I have three children, and I teach them to behave always adequately. And here me called the thief.

On the same day Oksana wrote the application in militia regional department at the market.

- When the district police officer approached to the seller, they addressed to each other by name as though old friends, - Oksana told.

Behind the situation explanation we were traded to the local police inspector in the market Andrey Grigoryev.

- It didn't give money, - he told. - We interrogated the seller, the hostess of a stall and two sellers from stalls opposite. Two last didn't see how the customer gave money. The hostess lined cash desk, and everything met.

Also the district police officer added that he is a disinterested person and with sellers to this conflict wasn't familiar. On the fact that the seller I got nasty with the woman, Andrey Grigoryev told:

- The customer the first began scandal, instead of sellers.

The local police inspector explained that, "as the structure of a crime isn't present, business will be closed".

Lawyer Anton Zavorotny:

To prove that the customer gave money, it is impossible.As for rudeness of the seller, it is necessary to demand to show a corner of the buyer with information on the owner, the certificate of the payer of taxes of state registration, the complaint book. The complaint book has to be surely strung together and the number of pages has to be specified. If it isn't present, the buyer should address in Management of protection of the rights of consumers which can fine the seller, and in tax inspection. It is difficult to receive compensation for moral damage, after all it is necessary to prove that the buyer really offended.


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