The management of NGZ disproves the participation in death of fish in the Kherson area

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We suggest readers to study comments of the management of the Nikolaev aluminous plant.

"Today, on July 17 on a number of news sites there was information in which, referring to words of the ichthyologist of the Kherson territorial department of the Southern basin management Valentina Gribanova, is claimed that a cause of death of fish in the Dnepr River at bottom бъефа dams of Kakhovsky hydroelectric power station could be dumpings of the Nikolaev aluminous plant.

The head of department of ecology of NGZ Gennady Golubok makes comments:

"On the substance of information I can report the following: the death of fish in the specified area has to plant the same relation, as a guinea pig to the sea and pigs. In order that to be convinced of it, rather simply to look at a map. The region of death of fish is on the Dnepr River, the cities of Kherson, not to mention Nikolaevsk aluminous plant which is on the bank of the river Yu.Bug are much higher on a watercourse even.

Besides, on Nikolaevsk aluminous plant in the river Yu.Bug the enterprise has no closed cycle of water recirculation and dumpings. It is possible to declare the reasons of death of fish only after carrying out necessary researches and receiving results of examinations".


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