The state helps youth to solve housing problem?

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The housing problem is today one of the most actual among youth. The state suggests to solve this problem by means of fund of assistance to youth housing construction.

The regional office of the State fund of assistance to youth housing construction exists in Nikolaev some years. If to you from 18 to 35 years, you can be registered in fund, to become in turn on housing on one of two programs: granting long-term soft loans, or partial compensation of interest rates of the bank credits.

Only before it you need to become in turn on the apartment in a registration place, to prove to that that you need improvement of living conditions.

For receiving a long-term soft loan it is necessary to provide a number of documents: the certificate of stay time on the room account, about structure of a family, the copy of passports, marriage certficates, about the birth of children, the copy of identification numbers, the application for receiving the long-term credit, the certificate of the income. The maximum term of return of the credit - till 30 years in case you already were 35 years old - before achievement of a retirement age.

Initial contribution which will ask fund - 6% of the credit sum. The credit can be repaid not by the month, and quarterly. Annually the fund needs to pay on 3%. If the young family has 1 child, the credit becomes interest-free, 2 children - 25% of the credit are compensated by the state, 3 and more children - 50% are paid by the state.

According to standards of the State fund of assistance to youth housing construction, 21 sq.m of a living space have to fall on 1 family member plus 20 sq.m Standard price of 1 sq.m quarterly remove the Ministry of construction and regional development. In the Nikolaev area today it makes 3 thousand 857 UAH/sq.m. If the area of the apartment which you wish to get, is more put, you pay a difference. on all family. The standard size of the credit is calculated by multiplication of the area by the cost of 1 sq.m of housing.

To become the participant of the program of partial compensation of interest rates of the bank credits, it is necessary to submit the list of documents which are stated above to State fund, to take there the certificate of the right for partial compensation of an interest rate of the credit of commercial bank. After that you choose one of banks with which the State fund concluded the cooperation agreement (such in Nikolaev about 16, among them bank "Forum", "Praveksbank", "Ukrsotsbank", "Ukrsibbank", "Raiffeisen bank Aval", "Creditprombank", "Ukrgazbank", "Nadra", "Privatbank", "Ukraprombank" and others). The bank gives out the credit for real estate purchase. In State fund you provide the notarized copy of the credit agreement with bank, the copy of the contract of purchase and sale, the reference - calculation of payments from bank.

Banks offer the credits for real estate purchase under various percent. On the average for the credit in hryvnias for you will ask 22-25% per annum from which 12% are compensated by State fund only within the first 5 years, and about 30% of an initial contribution. Besides, it will be necessary to pay about 0,5% of the mortgage cost of housing a year for real estate insurance, approximately the same sum for personal insurance, 1% of the sum of the contract of purchase and sale in the Pension fund, as much the state duties, from 1000 UAH for notarial assurance of a mortgage and registration of the contract of a mortgage, plus separately for services of the notary. Generally, only the sum of initial expenses impresses. Every month you will need to pay to bank about 3 thousand UAH (the sum can vary depending on the term of the credit and interest rates of concrete bank).

To obtain the credit, earnings of the borrower have to make 600 UAH a month on each family member, plus the sum of payment to bank, plus of 20% for contingencies. It will be rather difficult to young family to cover these expenses, considering today's level of salaries (especially official). Then the rescue can come the guarantor if his level of the income allows it.

But the most interesting is that financing of the State fund of assistance to youth housing construction isn't in time behind growth rates of inflation. Often the fund isn't able to repay 12% of the credit for the borrower to bank, the bank breaks off the agreement both all penalties with fund and other following from this consequence lay down on shoulders of the borrower.

Besides, the waiting list for delivery of the credits moves ahead very slowly. For 2007 in Nikolaev the fund gave out only 24 credits.About 830 people stand in a queue on a soft loan from the state, on compensation of percent - about 600 people now. Here also count, how many years you should stand in a queue in State fund.

According to the specialist of advice center of the Nikolaev office of the State fund of assistance to Natalya Melnik's youth housing construction, often there are situations when the person stands in a queue for 10-20 years, then reaches 36 years and takes off from this turn.

Thus, the problem of providing youth housing in Ukraine remains not resolved.


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