The majority of dairy and confectionery goods in Ukraine cause impotence and diabetes

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Yesterday Gospotrebstandart published sensational results of check of food. Dairy and confectionery goods of known producers were tested for compliance to standards of quality. Results of research provoked the real scandal.

It appeared, the lion's share of the checked samples don't answer the established standards. Producers to give an attractive look and to prolong a period of storage of candies, curd cakes and yogurts, add in them synthetic dyes and preservatives. And all this in quantity which can provoke diabetes, impotence or even a cancer. In turn the companies which production publicly rejected, are going to defend the honor in vessels. They call Gospotrebstandart's information a sneer company and intrigues of competitors.

The domestic legislation loyally belongs to many harmful components which meet in many food. In Ukraine it isn't set any restrictions on their use while EU countries jealously control for a long time as as citizens eat them.

All copies which were investigated, were bought in capital supermarkets, and also the large markets. Many questions at experts arose to producers of yogurts and chocolate curd cakes. By results of check, from 16 yogurts only 3 answer all norms. To prolong production period of storage, producers add in their structure preservatives - benzole (E210) and sorbic (E200) of acid. To give to a product a presentable look - synthetic dyes.

"Producers or at all don't carry out control of those components which add in production, or intentionally increase amount of preservatives to increase a period of storage. In their dairy products shouldn't be", - the chief scientifically - the research center of tests of production Vladimir Semenovich claims. For example, in Wild berry yogurt of production "Reynford" two types of synthetic dyes and high amount of preservatives that does a dairy product rather hazardous to health, than useful were found out.High concentration of harmful substances also in Gurmanika yogurt of production "Kovelmoloko" and production "Dairy house" (Pavlograd).

The catastrophic situation developed with the glazed curd cakes which consumers most often are children. From the checked samples any doesn't answer norms. Moreover, in dairy products it is often possible to meet bacteria of an intestinal stick. Harmful microorganisms were found in Gurmanika curd cakes of the Lvov gormolzavod, in production of the Vimm — the Bill — Dunn and Kremenchug Gormolzavod companies.

Situation with confectionery the also depressing. In 8 of 9 checked copies of candies were found a trance - isomers. The Ukrainian legislation in sweets doesn't control the content of these substances. Experts say that they promote emergence warmly - vascular and oncological diseases, especially at children. According to Semenovich, at women who use such products, very big risk to give birth to the child with diabetes. At men - to become impotent men.

In a press - to service Milk group (TM "Gurmanika") declare that by production of their production any preservative isn't used. "The control service of quality of our enterprises constantly watches observance of all norms and standards by production of dairy products, temperature conditions are considered, influence of a human factor is almost excluded. We are completely sure of quality of our production and its compliance to all norms", - approves a press - service Milk group. Also threaten "to deal" with "Ukrmetrteststandart". "We want to clear how production what were carried out analyses" was tested, - note in a press - service.

In the Kharkov biscuit factory data of checks (Goskomstandart rejected their wafers "Artek the Condensed milk") called a sneer company from competitors, in particular the Roshen companies. "I consider that it is misinformation", - Olga Golik, the deputy director general for production of factory speaks. She explains that recently production of wafers "Artek" was arranged by the Roshen company therefore it is allegedly favorable to it to move competitors. "We introduced in all contracts the obligatory provision on providing information on a trance - to isomers. I as at the technologist have questions, and we intend to file a lawsuit as it is very doubtful results", - declared the Broom.

According to Valentina Martus, the head of quality of the Three Bears company (Ice cream ice cream is rejected), their enterprise uses only those ingredients which are specified on packing by production. "Milk not collected condensed as it to us deliver can be the most doubtful component. It isn't excluded that 10% of vegetable fat which found in our production are a that indicator. We decided that we will check documents of the producer from whom bought this production. If any violations are revealed, we will take measures", - the expert speaks.


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