Zhirinovsky's party: the Russian army rescued South Ukrainians from a disgusting parasite - the Crimean khanate

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Inhabitants of present southern areas of Ukraine (including Nikolavshchina - a bus comment) have to be grateful to the Russian army that she managed to put in the XVIII century an end to attacks of the Crimean Tatars on Novorossiya's lands. About it it is spoken in the analytical material published on the official site of LDPR.

"This battle was one of the main events русско - the Turkish war of 1768-1774 as a result of which Russia the North Caucasus and the Crimean khanate were a part of Novorossiya (including present southern Ukraine). The Russian inhabitants of the southern suburbs of Russia (part of their descendants now why - that call itself okrainets - "Ukrainians") could not be afraid any more of attacks of the Crimean Tatars which took crops earlier, stole cattle, and people or ruthlessly destroyed, or took away in slavery. It was the most terrible slavery in the history of mankind. The Crimean Tatars ruthlessly exploited people to death, and then again went to a campaign on capture of slaves. And so - indefinitely. The most fertile lands of the Southern Russia and present Ukraine became deserted. There simply were afraid to lodge. It is difficult to imagine more disgusting parasitic state, than there was the Crimean khanate", - Vladimir Zhirinovsky's colleagues on LDPR write.

Difficult, but it is possible. By the way, behind an example far it isn't necessary to go - to Ukrainians in the Russian Empire was at all better.

Ukraine had no independent government bodies of the power and the judicial system, had no law enforcement agencies and army, had no traditional state symbolics, didn't operate economy, had no financial system, had no independent foreign policy and the diplomatic service. Everything was solved by Moscow. Kiev was only the center of the Russian occupational administration, an intermediate administrative link between Moscow and 25 Ukrainian areas. And even Lenin called imperial Russia prison of the people, and Soviet the Union for Ukrainian wasn't better than pre-revolutionary Russia!

The army was a concrete and universal sign of imperial presence in Ukraine.Its numerous garrisons and forts were over all country, and her commanders assessed the population with burdensome duties. The conscription introduced in Ukraine in 1797 was the most terrible military duty. For those losers who fell into hands of recruiters, service life made 25 years. From - for inhuman муштры and frequent wars such term considered equivalent to the death sentence. No wonder that recruits quite often transported chained in shackles, and misters punished stubborn serfs, giving them in soldiers.

Communists continued an imperial imperial policy still bigger cruelty.

According to the estimates of the society "Memorial", in 70 years of the communistic power more than 120 million innocent people, from them more than a third - Ukrainians were destroyed. The history of mankind didn't know such genocide. And for reduction of quantity Ukrainian communists organized three artificial Famine-Genocide: 1921-1923; 1932-1933 and 1946-1947. As Winston Churchill wrote in memoirs, Stalin told him that "liquidated" in 30-x years of 10 million peasants"... Stalin killed four times more people, than Hitler.

Also exterminated Ukrainians not simply by the evil nature of imperialism, and for the purpose of cleaning of the Ukrainian ethnic lands of Ukrainians and their settling московитами.

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