In recreation camps on children don't report products

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Observance of norms and rules at catering services of children in improving establishments of area strictly is controlled by the staff of the Nikolaev regional management for protection of the rights of consumers. Since the beginning of an improving season they checked 22 enterprises which are engaged in improvement of children, 15 from them checking visited in July.

Experts came to a conclusion that all improving establishments are in full provided with the products necessary for good nutrition of children, and the range of dishes which offer children, is coordinated with bodies sanitarno - epidemic supervision. In the menu of vacationers - meat, fish and dairy products, grain, fresh vegetables and fruit.

However during checks of catering services of children 59 facts of violations of the rights of consumers were revealed. Among 47 selected tests of food products in 11 shortage of products was found.

When checking a canteen of JSC Zolotoy kolos (the chief physician I. Mys) there were no certificates on quality of kefir of the Molochna Homeland trademark, and also Orange yogurt of the Gurmanika trademark. In tea there was no sugar: it was nearly 10% less than norm. Apple juice didn't correspond to normative documents by mass part of a deposit, and the portion of firm cheese was 10 g easier put.

In a dining room of an intereconomic improving complex of the sanatorium Olviya type (director V. Gonchar) the checking established violation of technology of preparation of cutlets from beef. And on bread shaped, vermicelli long, granulated sugar, vegetables at the time of check there were no testimonies of quality.

From raw materials which don't correspond to normative documents on marking, dishes for children in canteens of the improving center "Orlenok", and also sanatorium "Gold ear", an intereconomic improving complex of the sanatorium Olviya type, state enterprise "Aviator", recreation facilities "Fluyerash", "Birch", "Neptune" where children eat were prepared.

During carrying out laboratory researches shortage of products in the dishes prepared in canteens of the state enterprise of Ochakov association sanatorno - resort institutions, sanatorium "Gold ear", the Kirovograd regional intereconomic children's recreation camp "Ear" and others was established. In all called catering establishments there were no the documents testifying to quality and safety of food group of goods.

For the allowed violations specialists of Management for protection of the rights of consumers fined 32 officials the sum of 3, 978 thousand UAH, and is administrative - economic sanctions made nearly 6, 5 thousand UAH


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