To shipbuilding plant of a name 61-го Communard of 220 years

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This year to shipbuilding plant of a name 61-го the Communard 220 years are executed.

The manager of the shipbuilding and fleet museum Tatyana Sergeevna Mitkovskaya tells about history of plant: "The territory of northern Black Sea Coast was freed from Turks in the second half of the XVIII century during two русско - the Turkish wars. During operations in the freed territories built the cities and shipyards to create fleet on the Black Sea.

The first shipyard was founded in Ingul's mouth - so-called Kherson shipyard. It was not absolutely successful place for shipyard. Soon it became clear and to the commander-in-chief of military forces in the south of Russia Grigory Potemkin, and other naval officers because that place where Dnepr flew into the Black Sea was shallow. Dnepr was at that time covered with thresholds, the mouth brought silt, it was difficult to remove the large sea ships in the sea. And then from Kutuzov's arrangement which was in Kasperovka, near that place where Nikolaev is now located, the message that there is the place convenient for construction of the ships arrived. Where the Southern Bug and Ingul merge, the harbor, rather deep-water to build the sea ships is formed and is rather removed from the high sea that the shipyard wasn't seized in a course of operations by the military ships of the opponent.

Potemkin gives the order to found shipyard and to put there two sailing vessels. It hurried with construction of the first-born of Ingulsky shipyard - the 44-gun frigate "Saint Nikolay" because Catherine II disagreed to give the status of the city of Nikolaev doesn't leave yet the first ship of Ingulsky shipyard. "Saint Nikolay" was constructed in 8,5 months.

With Potemkin's death, shipbuilding on the Black Sea stopped. In a consequence, thanks to the chief commander of the Black Sea fleet Ivan Ivanovich de Traverse, again start building military fleet. 6 sailing vessels were for a short time constructed. And it was the good beginning of revival of construction of the Black Sea fleet. And then became clear that Nikolaev becomes the main center of military shipbuilding on the Black Sea. It was decided to create special voyenno - an administrative unit - a so-called Nikolaev and Sevastopol military governorship. The decision was made that the position of the chief commander of the Black Sea fleet will be combined with a position of the military governor.The first this position was held by Ivan Ivanovich de Traverse, the Frenchman by origin, the person who not only built the ships, but also transformed our city, tried to improve it.

The Nikolaev and Sevastopol military governorship included Nikolaev, Sevastopol and those settlements which worked for the Black Sea fleet. In a consequence on Nikolaevsk the admiralty the huge number of the military ships started being under construction, especially, when the position of the chief commander was held by Alexey Samoylovich Greyg. At it the quantity of the ships on the Black Sea was brought to the staff list that is as it was attributed by the government and the sea ministry. At Greyge on Nikolaevsk the admiralty it is put the 120-gun ships. Continues business Greyga Lazarev at whom the sailing fleet on the Black Sea was the most perfect. At it make the decision to build the steam ships. And even the decision to build in Nikolaev steamship plant, but, unfortunately, in 1851 Lazarev was made died and this idea wasn't realized.

With Turkey Russia didn't manage to be prepared for the next war. War was provoked by British and French who were afraid of strengthening of Russia on the Black Sea, in the Bosphorus Straits and Dardanella. Therefore they pushed off among themselves two more backward feudal countries for the purpose of even more them to weaken and to seize positions on the Black Sea. The Crimean war begins. It for Russia ended with a severe defeat because Russia and Turkey at that time had sailing fleet and from the very first days military operations Russia wins against Turkey. The squadron of the admiral Nakhimov broke fleet of the Turkish squadron. The commander of the Turkish squadron Othman - the pasha was taken prisoner. But England, France, Sardinia is on the side of Turkey. The second stage of the Crimean war, unsuccessful for Russia begins. Their fleet already on a third consisted of sailing vessels, the metal ships.

After the Crimean war long time on the Black Sea Rossi was forbidden to contain and build military fleet and only in 70-е years begin on ours Nikolaevsk the admiralty to build battleships. It were the battleships of a round form - "popovka" called by name the author - the designer Andrey Aleksandrovich Popov. And further, by the end of the XIX century, the Black Sea fleet was revived. It totaled a huge number of the ships of various ranks.

To 1917 - му to year the admiral Kolchak ordered fleet. And again there came hard times for Russia. During World War I the ships were lost in operations.But later, by order of Lenin, in Tsemesskaya Bay the part of the ships was flooded still. It was made on purpose that the Ukrainian state didn't get the ships under the auspices of Germany. According to the Brest peace treaty Ukraine departed under protectorate of Germans, that is and the fleet had to remain here, on the Black Sea.

Again shipbuilding only in the thirties the XX centuries revives. Civil vessels are under construction.

In the years of civil war at walls of plant 61 workers were shot. And since then the plant received the name of a name 61-го the Communard. During this time, for years of the Soviet power, the huge number both civil vessels, and the military ships was constructed, than we can be proud.

Nowadays the plant has not the easiest time, but we hope that there will be a place and to a historical monument to the Nikolaev admiralty. There is such idea at our authorities, historians, regional specialists to make there the museum open-air.

In the museum of shipbuilding and fleet there is a set of the exhibits devoted to plant. It is the all the XVIII and XIX century. After all our other plants were constructed much later: ChSZ at the end of the XIX century, Okean plant in 1951. That is the first half of the museum tells about production of the Nikolaev admiralty of Ingulsky shipyard".


Production activity of shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards: civil, military shipbuilding, repair of vessels and ships, production of products of mechanical engineering.

The total area of the enterprise makes 1414,5 thousand square meters, the building area - 476,5 thousand square meters.

Capacities of the enterprise are concentrated in 286 industrial buildings and 165 industrial constructions.

The enterprise possesses capacities for production of ship designs, carries out construction of vessels, their repair and possesses high potential on shipbuilding.

Construction of cases of vessels is made on three building slip places, installation and installation of part of the equipment and mechanisms thus is at the same time made.

Building slip places of plant allow to build and float cases of vessels weighing up to 20000 tons.

At plant also there is a floating dock which can be used for performance of work on repair of vessels. Loading capacity of dock is up to 7000,0 tons.

Thus the shipyard has necessary production capabilities for independent construction and repair of vessels in full.

At plant since September, 2003 it is documented, introduced and it is supported, and also the control system of quality according to requirements of the international EN ISO 9001 standard is constantly improved: 2000
In July, 2004 the control system of quality of plant is certified by the German Lloyd and No. QS 3 132 NN Certificate on a functioning Control system of quality in the field of construction and repair of vessels, floating constructions and production of metal designs which meets requirements of the international DIN EN ISO 9001 standard was issued to the enterprise: 2000.


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