Fights with BTI or berries - florets of the Nikolaev real estate

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The one who at least once in life addressed in the BTI Nikolaev municipal enterprise - bureau of technical inventory, - that well very much - - чень well knows h, what nerves are costed by visit of this establishment. In principle, now there is a set of the private firms which are engaged in affairs with real estate, pay money without any trouble - and receive on hands necessary documents. But, in - the first, not all on a quotation pocket for services in such firms, and, in - the second (and this the most interesting), at the final stage all these private firms head besides for BTI to register documents in the general database as that is demanded by the current legislation. So those who decides to undergo independently all procedure with real estate registration, should adjust at once themselves on mad turns and infinite bustle that behind one, behind other spravochka. However and it only florets! Because not the fact that to the person who has processed in BTI necessary documents at the price of torn nerves and mass of killed time, later certain time it isn't necessary to taste bitter "berries". One of confirmations to it is the letter of our reader Natalya EVDAKOVA which we publish with some reductions:

"In November, 2003 we with the husband bought 11/20 parts of a house in Nikolaev down the street to Ordzhonikidze, 91 (it between Chigrin and Chkalov's streets) to what registration of the contract of purchase and sale in BTI of 02.12.2003


At the time of the transaction on other parts of the house certificates of death of co-owners were provided only. On our question to the notary: whether who came into inheritance concerning these parts of a household - the negative answer followed.

However the return soon became clear: the son of the died co-owners inherited part of this household and later time began to use the remained living space on the discretion - that started up on the apartment of addicts, alcoholics, didn't allow us to live quietly. The last three years it uses this area with the family as giving.

In November of last year of his spouse I came to us and I began to demand from us the receipt that we won't apply for acquisition of the rest of a household, however we refused flatly to fulfill its requirement.

In reply she started shouting that if we won't make it, its money - 5 thousand dollars which she paid someone as a bribe, can completely be gone. But we too didn't react to it as bought the part of a household to this address strictly under the law.

And then in the spring of 2007 it self-willedally set that land plot which belongs to us on the lawful bases. Besides, this family blocked up the territory of our general yard with objects of samozastroy - garage, a summer kitchen, a verandah, and to us was told that if we will become where - нибудь to complain, at all we won't receive a plot of land.

I warned that I will be in that case compelled to defend the right for definition of the land user through court, and at the same time I will raise a question of demolition of unauthorized structures of neighbors.

And when there was a question of collecting necessary documents, it became clear: the registration certificate available for us issued in BTI at the transaction of purchase and sale, for any reasons doesn't approach as the broker of this BTI explained us certain RAPOTA, and advised to make the new registration certificate also.

When in June we received it on hands, I noticed in it a "interesting" disagreement: the part of this household bought by us appeared in the document as the INHABITED EXTENSION, and very was surprised to it. Strangely enough, on a request to verify this record with the old registration certificate, in BTI to me answered that the old registration certificate … is lost.

Having addressed for an explanation with the new registration certificate in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, I learned the following: according to the decision of the Nikolaev City Council the earth to owners of INHABITED EXTENSIONS in using don't allocate, and the land plots don't privatize.

Two months I pestered BTI in attempts in a civilized way to solve current situation and to defend the right for land use, but is useless. Eventually, the chief engineer of BTI prompted as it can be done quicker - it is simple to clean from the new registration certificate issued to me an ill-fated line "an inhabited extension". It seemed to me very strange - as such it is possible if it is a question of the document? And then I decided to ask for the help lawyers. ALAS - after communication with representatives of BTI, they refused flatly to be engaged in my business and to represent my interests in court. I, of course, understand that everyone has an option, but there is one "BUT".According to lawyers, to whose services I wanted to resort, in BTI to them allegedly declared that in our situation hardly it will be possible to prove that we with the husband are owners of PART of the HOUSEHOLD, instead of the INHABITED EXTENSION, and then - they simply DON'T WANT to SPOIL the RELATION With BTI. So for whom this municipal enterprise is created, tell? Or - under whom?

It turns out, what from - for the mistakes, allowed by the staff of bureau of technical inventory, we are compelled to suffer with the husband? Or it was at all the mistake?. "

Here to you and "berries". By the way. Director of KP B. Winter on inquiry of the husband of Natalya Evdakova - Yury Evdakov - in the answer apropos the "missing" old registration certificate confirming the property right of these citizens on part of an inhabited household to the address of Ordzhonikidze St., 91, and in any way extensions, I reported:
". Question of search of the old registration certificate which is extinguished by the expert of KP NMBTI (therefore - lost) we advise to address authenticity to the person to whom you charged to process documents".
Fortunately, today Evdakov' family has the "ferroconcrete" document - the purchase and sale contract in which it is accurately designated that in property they acquired part of a house, instead of extension any there. The last word in this situation - behind court, ours "the most humane court in the world". The first, so to speak, "introductory" meeting on the this case took place on Monday, September 1. And though while it isn't necessary to speak about concrete results, the newspaper intends to shine a course of events further. And more than surprisingly following: Natalya Evdakova's opponents in court declared that their samozastroy stood and will stand. Then why Natalya Evdakova under the law regularly pays for 4,36 hundred parts of the earth defined by it, and those who self-willedally occupied belonging to it under the law a site, with impunity builds up it on the discretion?.


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