Scandalous Mercedes Vinskoma the main witness in the matter of Rudkovsky

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The next scandal in a transport kingdom! The main witness of charge in the matter of Nikolay Rudkovsky, the director of Service of automobile transportations Alexander Tkachenko, instead of evidence in court arrived to celebrate birthday of the wife on office the car of Ministry of Transport. The journalist of the "Kommersant" newspaper became the witness of how to celebration of birthday of the spouse of Anatoly Tkachenko at Vasilek restaurant delivered alcohol
Binge took out from the minibus with a sticker "The person on duty of the ministry of transport" in spite of the fact that Tkachenko sent to court the sick-list.

It not the first automobile history with an unpleasant smell in which the official thanks to the love to official cars is involved. Mister Tkachenko became famous, first of all, thanks to purchase by his enterprise scandalously - known Mercedes to the head of Ministry of Transport Vinsky in 10 days after appointment to the post of the last. The noise made then round the car at the cost more than 1 million hryvnias of Vinsky forced to refuse a work of art of the German autobuilders, and for Tkachenk no consequences had. The destiny of Mercedes is unknown.

For certain, use by the "sick" director of official cars for service birthday of the wife too won't raise doubts of the Ministry in its professional suitability.
We will remind that "The service of the international automobile transport" (SMAP) is a state company accountable to Ministry of Transport.


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