The Nikolaev tax specialists will communicate more with journalists

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In the schedule of work of the Public tax administration in the Nikolaev area on the fourth quarter of the current year, besides their direct duties, enters as well work activization with local mass media. Close cooperation with mass media will favorably influence formation of positive public opinion in perception of a tax policy of the state and State Tax Administration activity in the Nikolaev area.

GNA management in the Nikolaev area plans carrying out a number of meetings with the Nikolaev journalists and labor collectives in bodies of tax service, and also ensuring presence of representatives of the press and public organizations at meetings of Public council at облГНА.

Results of the carried-out work for the reporting periods will be published in mass media and on an internal Web site облГНА.

In addition, telephone sessions of "hot lines", meeting of "round tables", various briefings and a press - conferences on questions of activity of tax service will be carried out, is reported on the official site of GNA in the Nikolaev area.


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