The plant shop No. 32 of 61 Communards will be sold "from a hammer" together with the land plot

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Today preparation for privatization of "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards" shop No. 32 GP - plant of wall materials proceeds, the head of RO FGIU of the Nikolaev area Evgeny Kazansky reported. And nobody will prevent RO FGIU to privatize this object of incomplete construction together with the land plot, Evgeny Mikhaylovich considers.

We will remind that as soon as RO FGIU started preprivatization preparation of this object (and the unfinished plant of wall materials was included in the list of privatizeable objects at the initiative of the plant and Minprompolitiki), at plant of 61 Communards started interfering in every possible way with normal work of experts of RO FGIU - that them on plant didn't start up, documentation didn't provide. Now all problems are removed also any intensity between RO FGIU and the management of plant doesn't exist, E.Kazansky assured.

"And the plant management, and those who cares of its good work, faced and don't make any difficulties on preparation for sale of this object. But I won't hide that to turn a face of some people, we had to resolve issues at the level of Kiev", - the head of RO FGIU told.

Earlier on a competitive basis the manufacturer of land use planning documentation was selected, expertize in Goskomzem's Head department is now carried out, the appraiser who will carry out an assessment of the object and the land plot of 2,15 hectares is already selected. And, most likely, already in the end of the year - approximately, by December - this object with the land plot will be offered on auction. About the starting price, even approximate to speak while early.

- We will recommend to the auction commission to write down a condition on preservation of a profile of object. Today construction has to develop, construction materials have to be made. The investor will come, will arrange normal production, and normal construction materials will be made, - E.Kazansky considers.

But if in the relation of shop No. 32 it was succeeded to find mutual understanding with the plant management, here concerning shop No. 23 there is a number of unresolved questions.

We will remind that the shop No. 23 even in the fall of last year following the results of competition was leased by RO FGIU JSC Evromost. This enterprise for today, was reported 1-й by the deputy head of RO FGIU Lyubov Ochkurova, works normally, the former chief engineer of plant of 61 Communards headed it, at the enterprise 50 workplaces which are occupied by the former employees of plant are already created. But "Evromost" nevertheless has problems. The enterprise leased 3 flights of shop, for three and pays a rent (100 thousand UAH monthly), but uses today only two flights as the plant doesn't exempt this flight from the equipment. The tenant doesn't apply for this equipment at all and even is ready to redeem the unique machine of the Czech production new and that is called nenadevanny (to use it at plant so anybody and I didn't manage) if the matter is that to put this machine the plant has no place. But the issue isn't resolved for today.


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