The member of the union of journalists V. Ivanov "was lit" in the conflict in "Levanevtsa's" residential district

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Some time ago in various the Nikolaev mass media materials concerning the conflict of the citizen V. Ivanov, his former wife, now by E. Kirsanova, and their daughters were published.

As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the citizen Ivanov is able "to solve" the similar conflicts, using for this purpose not absolutely correct methods: anonymous publications in mass media, "anonymous letters" in various authorities, forgery …

Quite so he acted in a situation with Kirsanov' family.

We give one more example of how the citizen Ivanov "solves" the problems.

So, "Levanevtsa's" residential district became a place of the next conflict - exactly there live V. Ivanov's parents. Some time ago they sold the land plot near the house to neighbors under garage construction.

In total anything but after V. Ivanov and his former wife E. Kirsanova dispersed, "the known journalist" who had no place to live, decided to return to the parental house.

Vitaly Ivanov decided to build the house near the parental house and immediately began construction without any allowing documents. But as the territory for construction was insufficient, the site sold by parents on which already there was unfinished neighbors a garage came into the view.

V. Ivanov wanted to return the territory sold by parents and if it doesn't turn out, to receive for it money the second time.

The huge number of letters in different instances is at once trite. For example, by means of queries of own newspaper "Black Sea Coast" Ivanov accused neighbors that they were illegally connected to a water supply network, and wanted to know, what sanctions to them will be applied. It motivated the inquiries with that information is necessary to it for journalistic investigation.

These queries were signed by the deputy editor-in-chief of the Black Sea Coast newspaper, a certain citizen M. Maksimov.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" made own journalistic investigation and found out that M. Maksimov never worked at a position of the deputy editor-in-chief of this newspaper and never signed any queries.

M.Maksimov sometimes performed works on imposition of the newspaper and worked as the general worker in Ivanov's family.

As Maksimov claims, about any inquiries he doesn't know and any signatures on these documents didn't append. He is ready to confirm all this in competent authorities if in it there is a need.

What turns out, the citizen Ivanov forged signatures and on behalf of M. Maksimov wrote lime queries?

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" will follow the developments.


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