As Tibery Durdinets "earns" money or "Baloganov's syndrome"

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Soon employees of Department of quickly technical providing SBU received materials of telephone conversation of Kelbas in which he indignantly said that for the solution of all questions connected with its business, he paid money to Tibery Durdintsu, and "this pita. " so anything for it also I didn't make races, "stupidly I threw". Besides, in telephone conversation Kelbas told that it according to indications of the management of GU "K" of SBU was equipped with technical devices which to it personally were transferred by the head of department of 4 control of GU "K" of SBU Semenets and took part in communication with a certain head of one of the ministries for fixing of possible extortion of money at it. We don't know whom Tibery Durdinets there wanted to catch or provoke to a bribe, but the fact remains - "he soaked up the sum", money for "the solution of a question" from "pusher" took.And on all concepts, I had to it be "кукен - квакен" in the form of check and development by Management of internal security of SBU. The report with interpretation of conversation of Kelbas was provided personally to Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. However, the last instead of giving Pavlenko's order to check information concerning Durdints - transfers the report to Durdintsu and instructs it "to understand a situation". To this action there can be three explanations. The first and the most harmless: Nalivaychenko - it is absolute профнепригоден. The second - Nalivaychenko "in a share" with Durdints. The third - he is afraid of Durdints and Balogu standing behind it. All three options are unfavourable. Details according to the link...


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