Now the chairman of the Nikolaev regional council T. Demchenko will "dissect" on new "Mercedes"

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In vain us frighten of an economic crisis, financial crash and other apocalyptic cataclysms. Life - that actually everything becomes day by day better and more cheerful.

The next confirmation to it can see everyone on the example of the Chairman of regional council Tatyana Demchenko. For quite some time now Tatyana Vasilyevna goes by brand new "Mercedes". The machine - the lovely sight is simple: black, all varnished also shines as brand new ten kopeks.

And after all until recently Tatyana Vasilyevna went all - navsy on "Nisan - Maxim" which got to it "in inheritance" from Nikolay Moskalenko, her predecessor on a post of the chairman of a regional council. It is impossible to tell that "Maxim" - the bad car, absolutely not, very much even good. But - not on a rank. Is more useless to the chairman of regional council to go by "Nisana" any there. Therefore emergence in Tatyana Vasilyevna of black "Mercedes" can be welcomed only. And number on new "Mercedes" picked up corresponding - at once five (!) semerok. And a series - the SHOUTING - which in our area never before didn't happen. That all saw it: not somebody goes, and the whole Chairman of regional council. It is remembered, in Garkush's first governorship too I dissected on "Mercedes" with five semerka so Demchenko simply picked up at it a baton.

We congratulate Tatyana Vasilyevna on the new car and we hope that she on it won't stop - after all how many still remarkable and expensive cars exists in the world!


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