98 hectares of the Nikolaev forest park "Oaklets" - the neutral territory?

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In time a press - round on green zones of the city, organized for the Nikolaev mass media housing and communal services Department, it became clear: for a condition of the whole 98 hectares of a forest park to ask "Oaklets", in fact, there is nobody.

This forest park located in the territory of the city, is in an advanced state of decay, and recent attempt of city housing and communal services to bring an order at least on suburbs of Oaklets - only small part of that it is necessary to make for this green massif.

According to Larisa Zaytseva, the head of department of monitoring of housing and communal services Department, Dubki park in the list of the green zones fixed to Department, no, and that action which was held by housing and communal services Department together with Green Economy agrofirm had purely initiative character. The employee of agrofirm Ekaterina Stukal in turn objected:

- The forest park Oaklets was once assigned to municipal economy. And had to move away him, in principle, according to the decision still God knows what year when this park was created. In that decision the list from about 15 enterprises, several autogarage cooperatives, and even houses was designated, whose duties entered to keep order and purity in a forest park together with the city power.

Ekaterina Stukal explained the reason of neglect of Oaklets so:

- The park sat down in essence incorrectly. In Soviet period it set with a monoculture - an oak. From here such name. And a monoculture of an oak it is impossible to put landings - the oak has to be "diluted" with maples, ash-trees, aspens, lindens. Because the oak is a tree which likes to grow in itself. And oaks should be planted at distance of 15-20 meters.

To call the sum in what targeting here about will manage, the answer was heard: it is necessary to define, whether it will be forest park reconstruction, whether simply its cleaning. That which was carried out recently in Oaklets by housing and communal services Department and management of surrounding environment together with Green Economy agrofirm, managed to the city budget about 40 thousand UAH.And after all it was cleaned only 1/20 part from the general territory of "Oaklets"!

- Proceeding from these figures, present, how many still it is necessary money to carry out a sanochistka of all forest park! It is unlikely in the next years 5-10 in the city budget there will be such fabulous money. And all know about this problem, and regional management of ecology - too, - the representative of agrofirm told.

We asked if taking into account all above there are people who will express desire independently to cut down excess trees in a forest park, whether will their initiative is punishable?

I think so. Similar uncontrollable actions are worst of all. The people, having come with axes, won't saw any trees at which the trunk is better, good wood which it will be possible where - that there to use. And bad small trees if to cut, forces and time will leave much, and anything sense from that tree will be nothing. But here generally brushwood. To whom is it necessary? To anybody. And then, it not actually is was actual in 80-x years. That people understood the main thing - purely not where clean and where don't litter.

Well, 98 hectares of a forest park "Oaklets" - the territory rather big. And places to be developed will suffice both to bezkhozyaystvennik, and business executives. Only question: where to take the last?. And after all this forest park, according to the same Knocked, has the official status of reserved object.


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