The lime worker of a social sphere robed the Nikolaev pensioner

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On October 20 money was stolen from the apartment of the pensioner 1931 on Dzerzhinsky St. in the sum of 4000 UAH. This day to the apartment of the woman the unknown called. Having presented by the employee of social security by the name of Valentina, the guest explained to the hostess that brought for pensioners foodstuff on 1 UAH for kg. And as - that recently in the yard of their house she, allegedly, met the husband of the pensioner who asked if that, to report. The old woman suspected nothing as really her spouse sometimes plays with companions in the yard dominoes. Having paid for some kilograms of sugar and grain, the hostess thus showed to the stranger a place of storage of the monetary savings. Finally the ill-minded woman asked the pensioner, whether she wishes to get still sunflower oil. That agreed. The stranger asked to prepare necessary ware. The old woman brought to one bank. Then the ill-minded woman asked one more. The pensioner didn't begin to be interested for what in her is necessary one more bank, and went behind ware. In a trice the uninvited guest stole a purse of the hostess and disappeared. When the pensioner brought to bank, the worker of social security any more wasn't. Having smelled rat, whether the woman decided to check on a place her a purse, but, alas, a package in which it was, was broken off and empty. About it reports to the acting chief of SSO NSU Inna Demyanenko.

And again law enforcement agencies address to persons of old age. Don't let in the house of strangers! Be vigilant and careful!


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