The intuition of mother rescued the four-months child from death

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Rural doctors were sure that the kid is healthy. And it had a heart disease.

All calmed me: the child is healthy, and heart prompted - something with it not so. Too he panted. And I started "spreading it all over", - tells 42 - summer Elena Matviyenko.

Komsomolskaya Pravda met Elena in Kiev scientifically - the practical medical center of children's cardiology and a heart surgery. As it became clear, there are a lot of children to whom in a residence doctors couldn't make the correct diagnosis in time.

"I never heard about this illness and very much was frightened"

Elena with the husband live in Maleevk's settlement of the Bereznegovatsky region of the Nikolaev area. Romka already the fifth child in their family. Rural doctors claimed: it is healthy. But mother felt wrong and carried the little son to the district. There doctors found at the kid noise in heart. But the diagnosis couldn't make. Channelized to Nikolaev.

To reach the regional center with the child, I had to employ the car for 350 hryvnias, - Elena remembers. - "Ambulance" had no gasoline! And for our family it is big money.

In the Nikolaev regional hospital Lena with the kid right there put in a hospital. But careful inspection again didn't bring results. Physicians honestly admitted that they can't make the diagnosis without the special equipment, and directed Lena with the child in Kiev scientifically - the practical medical center of children's cardiology and a heart surgery. And only in the capital Elena at last learned that with her kid. It appeared, it has a heart disease! If it didn't hurry, Romka could and not rescue …

After survey doctors of capital clinic advised mother to go with the son to prepare for operation in the Nikolaev hospital. But as it became clear that there is no equipment not that for operation, but also even in order that it is simple to watch a condition of the kid, it was necessary to go to Kiev again. This time capital physicians decided not to delay any more and at once performed on the child two operations, after all application and one anesthesia was dangerous to the four-months little boy.

I never heard about heart disease and very much was frightened. After all my strashy children were healthy. To Romochk прооперивали a few days ago, - speaks, wiping tears, mother of the child. - Everything passed well. I hope that we will go home soon.

With critical defect it is necessary to operate at once!

We talked to Lena on a threshold of resuscitation unit of the capital cardiocenter. Behind glass I saw 11 more beds with children. As it became clear, many of little patients appeared here for the same reason, as Roman Matviyenko.

Problem with inspection of children in regions of Ukraine very sharp, - the surgeon - the cardiologist Vladimir Zhovnir speaks. - Heart disease at the newborn rather widespread disease. But physicians can't diagnose it and assure parents that kids are healthy. As a result of them don't treat, and children can die. Business here not in low qualification of doctors (with it at us everything is all right), and in lack of medical equipment necessary for inspection.

Romka from the Nikolaev area was rescued by intuition and persistence of his mother. Agree, not easy to make the correct decision when around assure that with the child everything is all right. But in Ministry of Health while there is no exact statistics even, how many children die from - that in the conditions of the village, the small city and even such regional center as Nikolaev, doesn't suffice the medical equipment to make to the child the correct diagnosis.


• 12 children on 1000 in Ukraine are born with heart diseases. • 40 percent of kids with the similar diagnosis can die if them in time don't operate. • 100 percent - an indicator of child mortality with critical heart disease in 1992 in Ukraine. • 1,2 percent - an indicator of child mortality with the same diagnosis in 2008 on condition of timely surgical intervention.


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