In the Nikolaev area difficult to fight against corruption, but it is possible: in 2007-2008 in courts 38 protocols on corruption

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Yesterday in SBU Management in the Nikolaev area the round table took place. Regional interdepartmental group on fight against corruption and representatives of law enforcement agencies sounded some conclusions concerning corruption in area. It already the third similar action and this time it was devoted to corruption in the sphere of the land relations, reports

According to the deputy chief of USBU V. Akulinin, especially actual there is a question concerning implementation of offenses during granting in property or using of territories of forest, natural reserved fund and recreational zones. The deputy of USBU also remembered sensational scandal with beaches in Koblevo.

By approximate calculations of participants of a round table, the Nikolaev city budget owing to corruption actions receives less about 40% of a rent for the earth.

To fight against corruption rather difficult. Guards complained of imperfection of the legislation, an organizational disorder, lack of accurate definiteness of functions of controlling and allowing bodies in the sphere of land resources.

And still corrupt officials catch and bring the matters into court. In particular, in 2007-2008, according to the representative of SBU, in courts 38 protocols on implementation of an administrative offense by the officials provided by part 1 of article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "About fight against corruption" arrived.

As V. Akulinin explained, agreements about which it isn't reported in tax are concluded, and from - for it local budgets don't receive large sums.

According to the international human rights organization "Transparency International", corruption level in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world.

Ukraine takes the 134th place from 180 countries of the world on an index of perception of level of corruption. The index of perception of level of corruption of Ukraine makes 2,5 points from 10.According to research Transparency International methodology, the point of an index of perception of corruption displays perception of level of corruption by businessmen and analysts and it is estimated on a scale from 10 (corruption almost is absent) to 0 (very high level of corruption). As it is told in the organization report, such situation in Ukraine is connected with corruption with отсу


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