The director of the Nikolaev enterprise "Nibulon" Alexey Vadatursky came into the view of Kiev "telecritics"

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Last week the Telekritika edition carried out monitoring of TV channels for the purpose of identification of custom-made materials in telenews and business programs.

The purpose of this monitoring was to reveal extent of influence of an economic crisis on quantity of especially commercial materials. Correspondents of the edition proceeded from the prerequisite that TV channels, over which (as well as over other media enterprises) hanged threat of loss of advertizing budgets and investments, will be more interested in earning money by any, even by unfair means. On the other hand, potential customers of advertizing materials also suffer from - for an economic crisis and can save on expenses which don't bring big benefit to business.

During this monitoring of correspondents of "Telekritiki" transfer with participation of our fellow countryman Alexey Vadatursky came into the view.

So, on October 19 he was the guest of the program "The business world. Week" on the First channel. It was introduced as "by directors of agricultural enterprise "Nibulon", the hero of Ukraine". It should be noted that "Nibulon" is the sponsor of the Business World program. The declared topic of conversation - consequences of world financial crisis for the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex. However, to surprise of correspondents "Telekritiki", Alexey Vadatursky really spoke on questions which concern a situation in the sphere of an agricultural industry and the state control, instead of simple "public relations" of the enterprise. Therefore though communication between sponsorship and appearance of this person is obvious, interview wasn't advertizing according to the contents and a form, "Telekritika" notes.

"Lakeysky" tone of the leader which hurried to support the vis-a-vis was the only fact indicating a nonrandomness of appearance of Vadatursky in this transfer: "I too trust in the future of our agrarian branch because to take the world markets, well, than? Our grain. To feed the world. To feed the world with our qualitative grain. Well, thanks for participation in our transfer, for your view of how it is possible to leave crisis and as - to make all so that our branch was among leaders in Ukraine and the world! ".

In the same day Alexey Vadatursky was the guest of the program "An era of business. Results" on Broadcasting Company of "Ayr".Appearance of one person on two business programs going practically on one TV channel with an interval at some o'clock and which are issued one company, "Telekritika" called unprecedented. Thus, mister Vadatursky repeated a record of Victor Yanukovych which in the same day visited studio of two total programs.

In this transfer Alexey Vadatursky also didn't fall before open primitive advertizing of the enterprise. Having communicated to the leader on hot topics, it provided to the audience important information and a subject for reflections, "Telekritika" notes.


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