Despite an economic crisis, housing prices in Nikolaev won't fall

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At the end of October in Nikolaevsk office of Ukrsibbank the round table took place. Discussed a situation in the mortgage market of the city.

The regional representative of bank on L. Ivanov's mortgage I invited to discussion of the Nikolaev appraisers, notaries, workers of BTI, specialists in real estate. Developed in the real estate market the situation brought into a hall for a press - conferences more than 60 realtors of the Nikolaev area.

It is necessary to remind that Ukrsibbank is one of leaders of mortgage lending and even in difficult nowadays keeps the highest rating (AA+) and continues mortgage lending.

During a round table participants learned that in all cities of area there was a reduction of operations on housing sale. For example, in Nikolaev was on sale to 350 apartments a month in the winter, and in September - October this indicator fell to 100. There was no predicted autumn revival of the market. These data were confirmed by the chief engineer of NMBTI O. Kvasha. The number wishing to receive an extract from the register of the property rights was reduced three times in the fall.

Participants of discussion of one of the reasons of such situation read out leaving from the market of persons who acquired housing for the purpose of its further resale as it gave the chance to earn well. Today "speculators" try to compensate the expenses due to housing rent.

According to representatives of bank, the situation was complicated by mass media which wrote and spoke about the future depreciation of apartments.

The Nikolaev appraisers told that there was some decrease, but only 3-x and 4-x room apartments and cottages in the fall. In some cases it reaches 10%. The prices of one-room apartments "firmly" stand and according to the forecast it is hardly worth expecting decrease. The cost of two-room apartments fluctuates depending on districts of the city. According to the statement of realtors, depending on a situation price for apartments can fall and to 10 thousand dollars. But it didn't govern, and an exception.

The regional representative of Ukrsibbank S. Sinitsky emphasized that Ukraine reaps today the fruits of foreign investment and, first of all American which used deposits of the American investors in the Ukrainian market. The mortgage meltdown of the USA "came" and to the Ukrainian banks.Sinitsky reminded participants of a round table that crises have cyclic character, and didn't recommend to realtors "to be closed and disperse".

Now measures for situation stabilization in Ukraine are taken. For the end of October continued mortgage lending without restrictions five banks, including Ukrsibbank. Here the interest rate in hryvnia makes 25%. It is really high rate. But it isn't necessary to count on decrease yet. The resolution NBU No. 319 obliged banks to limit implementation of active operations in the volumes reached for October 11, 2008. In present conditions the bank became approaches to the analysis of clients more exactingly.

During 2-hour discussion certain realtors left a hall, referring to that they are waited by clients. The private notary K. Gorburov emphasized, what not and affairs in the Nikolaev market of real estate if clients wait are bad.


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