Whether the bureau of an esthetics of Nikolaev is legitimate?

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KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" became interested antimonopoly committee. Here doubt that this subject of activity corresponds to the competitive legislation of Ukraine.

Today in KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" passed the public hearings devoted to changes in Rules of delivery of permissions to placement of outdoor advertizing in Nikolaev. Except businessmen at a meeting there were representatives of labor union of businessmen, goskompredprinimatelstvo of Ukraine and antimonopoly committee.

The vice-chairman of the Nikolaev regional territorial office of antimonopoly committee of Ukraine Victor Volik reported that the office watches closely the events:"The decision of the Nikolaev City Council with which the municipal enterprise is authorized to be working body, we consider such that doesn't correspond to the legislation of Ukraine "About protection of the economic competition". At present we consider a question of the beginning of consideration of the case of violation of this legislation by the Nikolaev City Council, in particular, Art. 16 of this law which forbids authorities and local governments delegation of powers, imperious, certain, to the enterprises, associations, etc. You - the municipal enterprise. Thus, signs of violation of the competitive legislation are seen in decision-making".

According to mister Volik, the regional office of antimonopoly committee of Ukraine in the past considered case on violation of the same law by the Nikolaev city council:"Then the City Council made changes to Rules of advertizing to which obliged businessmen to receive coordination in the deputy commission on protection of a cultural heritage in which worked, by the way, you (A. Omelchuk - a bus), and combined activity, being the founder of Vizar — the South advertizing company. This decision was cancelled as I understand. And now someone decided to approach on the other hand - to put working body on a self-supporting basis".

A. Omelchuk denies the relation to advertizing company now, and for doubts of antimonopoly committee of bureau was prepared in advance."Knowing that the antimonopoly committee, probably, will have claims concerning legality of delegation of the rights to the municipal enterprise, we ordered legal justification of creation of our enterprise not in the Nikolaev law firm", - he emphasized.

After these performances the floor was taken by the chairman of representation of Committee of Ukraine on regulatory policy and business in the Nikolaev area Valery Vetrov:"The antimonopoly committee stated the same fears which were stated by me - there can't be a municipal enterprise. And law firms can draw any conclusions".

Therefore he suggested to fulfill the scheme which would correspond to laws of Ukraine, with lawyers, and then to offer it to the businessmen working at the market of outdoor advertizing in Nikolaev.

A. Omelchuk agreed with it and promised next week to gather and discuss the new scheme:"I both hands pro. There will be this management, there will be it municipal property or other form of ownership … Idea it is necessary former - to normalize work in the sphere of outdoor advertizing in the city of Nikolaev".


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