Despite crisis and mass dismissals, unemployment rate in Nikolayevshchina everything decreases and decreases

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In January - October, 2008 58,2 thousand unoccupied used work of citizens that is 6,9% less than for the similar period of last year services of public service of employment. From among unoccupied persons of 74% had the official status of the unemployed, from them 81,5% addressed in this service for the first time. Number of the registered unemployed for November 1, 2008 I made 15,6 thousand people that 12% less than a year ago, of them 8 thousand - persons who live in rural areas.

From each 100 registered unemployed, 42 people took places of workers, 27 - positions of employees, the others - professionally unskilled persons earlier.

Level of the registered unemployment, calculated rather resident population of efficient age, as a whole on area for November 1, 2008 made 2,1% and in comparison with the corresponding period of last year decreased by 0,3 accusative. In the cities and regions of its value hesitated from 0,6% in the regional center, to 6,9% to Krivoozerskoma the area.

Among country people, as before, the indicator of the registered unemployment was much higher, than among city, and for November 1, 2008 respectively made 3,5% against 1,5%.

According to messages of the enterprises, establishments and the organizations, the quantity of free workplaces and vacancies for November 1, 2008 made 3,2 thousand units and in comparison with the corresponding period last year decreased by 4,6%.

A half of all vacancies was provided for workers, it is more than a third - for employees, and each 15 free workplace - for workers without profession. From total of all empty seats, the need for workers for agriculture made 7,6%.

In October of the current year loading of the unoccupied population which addressed for assistance in employment in public service of employment, made 5 persons on 1 free workplace and in comparison with the corresponding month 2007 didn't change. On administratively - to territorial units value of this indicator fluctuated from 1 person in Nikolaev to 72 - in the Kazankovsky area.

With assistance of public service of employment within January - October, 2008 it was employed 28,1 thousand people that is 1,4% more than last year. Among the employed citizens the specific weight of women made 47%, youth aged to 35 - 45,1%, persons who need special social protection, - 10,1%.

Without solution of a question of employment 13,7 thousand persons that made about a half of the employed were struck off the register of public service of employment for this period.

For increase of competitiveness of the unemployed on a labor market, public service of employment widely applied their vocational training and retraining. For the purpose of receiving a new profession or specialty, for January - October 2008р. it was directed on study of 5,9 thousand jobless citizens, reports statistics GU in the Nikolaev area.


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