NBU will rescue only large banks

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The national bank limited access of banks to long money. At outflow of deposits NBU will carry out refinancing only the banks registered in the form of open joint stock company with authorized capital over 500 million hryvnias. For October 1 only 16 banks from 181 operating conformed to these requirements. Participants of the market consider that other banks should count only on support of the shareholders, and in case of its absence - to sell assets or to attract investors in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Yesterday it became known that the National Bank adopted the resolution No. 367 of November 11 with which the mechanism of refinancing of the banks, No. 319 registered in the resolution NBU changes. Now there is a program of "financial improvement" according to which the bank can obtain the credit for up to one year under not less than 15% per annum in volume to 60% of the regulatory capital and 90% of cost of the given providing. And the resolution No. 328 of October 16 of NBU also I allowed banks in case of reduction of volume of term deposits by 2% within five working days to obtain from the regulator the credit for the sum up to 60% of authorized capital of bank with simultaneous granting as pledge of actions of owners more than 5% of papers. Now in case of outflow of deposits 51% of bank shares as a deposit are required. At the credit for bank "improvement" its volume any more isn't limited 60% of the regulatory capital, and as a deposit actions of owners over 5% of actions among other things are accepted.

Key standard of the resolution No. 367 was that only the largest banks will be able to receive refinancing at outflow of deposits. "Demands for receiving such credit from those banks which are organized in the form of open joint stock companies are considered and the paid which authorized capital makes not less than 500 million hryvnias", - is spoken in the document.At the appeal of bank behind refinancing information on the amount of outflow of deposits and timeliness of return to it the credits, including the companies of the construction and agro-industrial sphere will be considered.

According to NBU for October 1, only 17 banks conform to its requirements. At all all system banks can count on NBU money. So, in group of the largest banks them "Privatbank", "Prominvestbank", "Nadr", "won't be able to receive OTP Bank", "An alpha - bank", "PUMB" and "Ukrprombank", and in group large - "Rodovid Bank", ING "Ukraine Bank", "Unicredit Bank", "Praveks — Bank", "Vieybi Bank", "Dongorbank", "Financial Initiative", "Kredobank", "Svedbank Investment", "Industrialbank" and "Citibank". "The bank is well-born" will be able to receive NBU refinancing if carries out intention to increase the capital to 535 million hryvnias which it was declared earlier. From groups of averages and small banks "Astra Bank" can receive money of NBU only.

Bankers approve policy of NBU. "The National Bank all the same can't support all system therefore support will give to those banks, at which most of all clients. It is directed on support of portfolios of natural persons. At the small banks having problems with liquidity, everything will depend on the decision of shareholders because refinancing all the same isn't panacea from all problems", - the deputy chairman of board "Raiffeisen the Aval Bank" Victor Gorbachev is sure.

In the conditions of liquidity crisis other banks have to or count on credit support of foreign parent banks, or raise the capital to a level in 500 million hryvnias, or sell assets and attract investors. "The National Bank drags out large banks because if they have problems, they it is pulled for itself all. Refinancing is necessary for small banks less, but those who actively was engaged in the consumer credits can have problems, having given out to loans for ten years forward, - the vice-chairman of board of the First investment bank Sergey Kaplin considers. - In this case it is possible to sell liquid pledges though the real estate too much more fell in price. It is possible to establish higher rates on deposits because natural persons have money and it is necessary where - that to put them"." Small banks can try to run on Mezhbank, can sell the assets, the credits, problem debt, - the chairman of the board "An alpha - bank" Andrey Volkov considers.- The investor but who now will buy small bank can theoretically be on sale? It will cost kopeks. It is possible to join the large player - you won't receive money, but it is possible to avoid at least bankruptcy".


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