New buildings of the Nikolaev zoo

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Even during general financial crisis in Nikolaevsk a zoo construction works don't stop, improvement of rooms where animals contain proceeds, the zoo territory is ordered. Staff of the rent enterprises who work at the zoo territory help with it.

According to the leading livestock specialist Ekaterina Belikova, the new a flamingo enclosure which live near entrance gate will be soon ready for operation. On the same place the dome-shaped room and the pool is built: will settle down here both a summer place of walking of birds, and the room for their winter contents. Allegedly new housing for a flamingo will be leased already this winter.

At full speed there is a repair in department of forages. The room will be painted, it will take a modern form, will be updated which - that from the equipment. By the way, work at zooparkovsky kitchen not only people, but also animals. Two old ponies who are called by Max and the Metis carry food for all his inhabitants. In a zoo long ago understood that such "workers" ensure safety of trips (can slowly move not to touch none of visitors), timely delivery of freight to each cage, aren't capricious, don't shirk work, don't demand salary increase, as "their big brothers".


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