To "Faina" the vessel with repayment

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To the Ukrainian Faina bulk carrier captured by the Somali pirates at the end of September, the vessel with repayment onboard goes.

The editor-in-chief reported the Internet about it on Friday - the Sea Bulletin editions Mikhail Voitenko with reference to the sources.

According to its data, the American military ships departed from "Faina" to give a corridor for delivery of repayment and to guarantee to pirates a safe descent from a vessel.

Besides, Voitenko reported with reference to the shipowner that yesterday late at night negotiations with pirates came to the end, and it was necessary to discuss only some details of delivery to pirates of repayment.

As reported "the New Region", the Somali pirates and owners of the Ukrainian vessel "Faina" last Sunday agreed about release of the Ukrainian bulk carrier captured still on September 25.

Negotiations between two parties were devoted to a way of transfer of money for ship release. It was reported that the vessel, crew and freight can be released soon if the agreement on transfer of money is reached.

According to unconfirmed data, the sum of repayment won't exceed 3 million dollars.

Meanwhile a press - the service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Monday reported that has no information on fast release of crew of the vessel "Faina".

Information on capture of the vessel "Faina" making flight under the flag of Belize, arrived to the representative of the Odessa company "Tomeks Tim" representing interests of the owner of a vessel, about 16 hours on September 25 - the captain contacted and reported that three boats moored to a board of a vessel with the armed people.

Seamen of the taken vessel still contacted twice, having reported about death of the captain, the citizen of Russia, from heart attack and firefight among pirates as a result of which 3 persons were lost. As a part of crew of the taken vessel - 17 Ukrainians, 3 Russians and 1 citizen of Latvia.

Originally for release of crew of the vessel transporting party of tanks T-72 and spare parts to armored machinery, pirates demanded $35 million. However soon lowered the claims to $8 million, and then to $3 million as the vessel belongs to Ukraine, and the military equipment transported by it is former in the use.


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