Naftogaz doesn't recognize a debt in 614 million dollars

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"Naftogaz" denies debt existence for consumed in November - December, 2008 the imported gas and refutes the last statements of official representatives of "Gazprom".

In extended in the evening on Friday the message the company refuted the statement on Friday of the official representative of "Gazprom "Sergey Kupriyanov about a debt in $614 million.

"Confirmation (SWIFT) of transfer by "Naftogaz" and receipt of funds on the RosUkrEnergo AG company account "Naftogaz" received on December 30, 2008. The relevant act, with the signature of the head of board of the company Oleg Dubina, is in JSC Gazprom office, it is noted in the message.

"Naftogaz" emphasizes again that didn't leave unilaterally negotiation process.

"Negotiations were complete owing to refusal of JSC Gazprom of the offer of "Naftogaz" which offered economically reasonable price of gas for the Ukrainian consumers and respectively corrected to the European level and economically reasonable rate on transit of the Russian gas across the Ukrainian territory", - is emphasized in the message.

"Naftogaz" considers that any statements from official representatives of "Gazprom" about unauthorized selection Ukraine of the Russian gas which was intended to consumers of Europe, aren't true and cause damage of reputation of "Naftogaz" as reliable transitor of energy resources to the countries of the European Union.

"Naftogaz" declares also that "despite short-reception from JSC Gazprom of necessary volumes of gas, for implementation of the obligations to EU countries on transit of natural gas, "Naftogaz" for the last days used 17 million cubic meter of gas from own reserves. From them 10 million cubic meter were transported to the countries of Europe and 7 million more cubes were used for operation of the gas transmission system".

"Naftogaz of Ukraine" repeatedly I paid attention of "Gazprom" that absence of the annual agreement on transit of the Russian gas across the territory of Ukraine can lead, in particular, to disbalance of synchronous operation of gas transmission systems of Russia, Ukraine and EU, is spoken.

"Naftogaz" due to the lack of specified the document, can't define the countries and gas volumes which they have to receive. It, in turn, doesn't allow the Company to define the directions in which large volumes of natural gas have to be directed.

"For this reason", Naftogaz" made the decision to proceed from the average daily volume of transit of the Russian gas provided by official demands of JSC Gazprom and the last arrangements during negotiations in December of last year", - is emphasized in the message.


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