The security service twists cranes

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About it, during interview to the correspondent of the newspaper the "Business", devoted the situation in the Ukrainian intelligence service, was reported by the vice-chairman of SBU S. Nezhnova.

How financial crisis affected providing Security service?

The next year will be very difficult for all managers of budgetary funds, and for SBU including. If in 2008 our budget made 1,9 billion hryvnias, in the following it is planned for 300 million less - about 1,6 billion. That is on development it is material - the technical base of means any more won't be. Only for a salary which the government for us left a pas level of this year.

What sum for 2009 was declared by Security service before Cabinet of Ministers?

4,5 billion hryvnias is the that sum which is necessary for stable work. But ambitions should be set aside aside, because all country in such situation.

Budget reduction in power structures will concern only SBU?

Possibly, similar reduction will take place in all law enforcement and power agencies. At the same time the SBU hopes that the Cabinet of Ministers will observe uniform approach to formation of budgets of all militiamen. We know, for example, that other things being equal for all the Ministry of Internal Affairs added 1 billion hryvnias, including for a salary. We are glad for our colleagues, but we consider that the staff of SBU is worthy also high salaries.

As well as on what Service we are going to save?

Two weeks ago already there was an order on cut in expenditure for business trips, is combustible - lubricants, mobile communication, etc. The mode of rigid economy in all respects the budget functions in Service for all 2008. For example, the norm of expenses of gasoline is reduced by 25%. Mobile phones it is left only at a key element and quick employees. Here reduction makes about 60%. Besides, we now install in office buildings counters on water and energy carriers. Besides, we plan to centralize the budgetary streams in Security service. The idea is already supported by the management.

In what it consists?

At present the budget of SBU consists of 10 separate budgetary programs which are distributed, between structural divisions of Service.But the large number of managers of budgetary funds doesn't allow to control this money and to operate them. Each of managements has on four serving divisions: economic, economic, legal and personnel. It is planned to centralize the specified divisions. Until the end of 2008 the Central management has to be registered as the legal entity. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to make centralization this year that already now could bring economy.

It is possible to develop activity of the agricultural enterprise in Markhalevke near Kiev which belongs to Security service. Maybe it will help to endure crisis?

The enterprise in Markhalevke which did sausage, hardly will manage to be developed - today it has 2 million hryvnias of accounts payable. The enterprise didn't sustain the competition in market conditions after it tore off from the budgetary support. Therefore in May of this year the offer on an exchange of the enterprise on housing for the staff of SBU was submitted for discussion in collective. 90% of the central management of Service expressed pro. 10% - contra. Now, to realize idea, the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers and carrying out an exchange through authorized body of "Ukrspetseksport" is necessary. However, and conditions of crisis it will be difficult to find investors. Information on carrying out competition will be published in mass media, we invite to participation of everyone.

How many there earth hectares?

There were 85 hectares earlier. But when we carried out audit, it appeared that 44 hectares were brought to 22 natural persons through judgments (on two, earth hectare on everyone). The SBU will be returned this earth, despite the fact that who stands behind this fraud.

Among the staff of SBU is fear that in connection with crisis salaries and awards will be cut down.

Salaries won't decrease. Cash security remains at former level - level of 2008. With all extra charges, and awards. By the way, awards in it, year, as well as in the past, behind the unanimous decision of board weren't paid to the management.

Reductions are planned?

We have no such burning issue, as in other executive authorities because people leave from - for a low wage. This year more than 1400 servicemen left.

How the Security service on tender purchases intends to save?

This year we managed to reform system of tender purchases in Security service.Earlier goods and services were bought through separate tender committees in different structural divisions of SBU. This year created uniform tender committee into which heads of divisions entered. In a year such centralization allowed to save 9 million hryvnias. All purchases публичны, on a web - a site of SBU are placed announcements of tenders and their results.


Everything is simple. Heads of different tender committees won't be able to buy identical goods any more which price significantly would differ. If one of them held competition on purchase, say, gasoline, and its price was twice higher, than at another, we will simply cancel result of competition. Instead we will sign the additional agreement with that who offered more favorable price,

And you can give the most striking example of such economy?

This year the tender on capital repairs voyenno - medical management was held. The first tender held Voyenno - medical management of SBU, and the participant with the offer worth 4 million hryvnias won. Repeated competition was held by uniform tender committee where there was a suggested price 1 million smaller. Besides, we cancelled practice of advancing and we pay only for the put goods. Thus, receivables don't collect.

By the way, about Voyenno - medical management. On the Internet there was a number of publications that buildings of hospital and SBU policlinic in the center of Kiev on Lipskaya Street allegedly already sold to commercial structures.

It is a lie. There is no resolution of Cabinet of Ministers. which would testify to realization or alienation. I will tell more: this year we free of charge accepted 18 objects across all Ukraine from executive authorities and the Ministry of Defence. For comparison: last year the SBU accepted four objects, in before last - two. Besides, now in the government the solution on transfer of 40 more objects is found at a coordination stage. This year the medical equipment for the sum about 18 million hryvnias was bought - in 20 years for the first time such sum was spent for these purposes. The modern diagnostic base is created. Now in a stage of coordination with Kabmii - purchase of radiological installation which isn't present in one state institution of Ukraine. So about transfer the speech doesn't go.

Also in the Internet - mass media are placed publications where you, the head of security, and one more deputy head of SBU accuse also assignment of 1 million hryvnias from salary fund of staff of SBU.

It is ridiculous. The person who never read regulations can write such articles and doesn't understand how the budget is formed and spent. It is technically impossible to make that budget money in the sum of one million hryvnias divided for three the person. It wouldn't allow State treasury, never would pass the Ministry of Finance. If to allow such opportunity, already now we would have a check from Audit Chamber and other supervisory authorities.

On - to yours with what emergence of such publications is connected?

This year it was carried out a number of reforms in the Service, connected with tendering process centralization, formation it is material - technical base, management reorganization sanatorno - resort establishments, provision of housing regarding work with investors. Probably, it causes a certain negative in those people who was related to this activity earlier and whose interests as a result of changes were infringed.

What changed in management of sanatorium complexes of SBU?

At SBU seven sanatorno - resort establishments: in Odessa, Truskavets, to the Crimea. This year sanatorno - resort establishments the maximum powers on management of sanatoria and the order are conferred to heads by finance. As a result of the permit to the staff of SBU became more available. It is reduced sanatorno - resort department of VMU in Kiev with 15 to 2 people, In each sanatorium repair on 1,5-2 million hryvnias is carried out.

As far as it was updated financially - technical base of SBU in 2008?

For 30%. These are cars, computers, ware property. For comparison: last year updating made 10%. All that we managed to reach is a result of economy. After all more means couldn't be taken. Capital repairs for total amount 64,3 million hryvnias were carried out, last year this figure made only 18 million hryvnias. Repairs made in 20 buildings on the central management in Kiev and in 30 buildings of regional governments. In the majority of these buildings repairs weren't carried out more than 15 years.

How many apartments the staff of Service in 2008 received?

As a whole on SBU about 240 apartments (in 2007 - 197 apartments). From them in the Central management of SBU - 113 (in 2007 - 88).Essentially new approach to distribution of apartments is introduced - they are distributed directly in collectives at open meetings. Information on the one who received the apartment, is dispatched every quarter on managements.

How it was succeeded to increase figure?

At the beginning of a year we declared that we will break off doubtful and initially not contracts favorable to SBU with the companies which build houses on the land plots of SBU. After that certain builders increased a share of apartments in these houses, some gave apartments "beforehand". Return of receivables which developed in Service in 1999-2000 became one more source. Then there was a system when the enterprises exempted from a profit tax if they build houses for the military personnel. Houses constructed, a tax to them compensated, the military personnel of apartments didn't receive. Thus, for example, we seized 17 apartments in Donetsk. This year the turn on apartments in SBU was reduced by 8%, in volume

number due to optimization of room turn (those who under the law has no right to housing are removed from room turn). At the same time each previous year it increased by 7-8%.

Now it is possible to seize something back?

This year we seized part of a beach of sanatorium "Black Sea Coast" in Livadiya (Crimea). In 2003 (when the position of the deputy chairman on a housekeeping was held by Vladimir Satsyuk. - "BUSINESS") the children's beach departed to private structure.

By the way, till this year we had no register of real estate. It is at present made then carried out audit of documents and now we make out the property rights of SBU to office buildings. At present in SBU documents are processed to 78% of the land plots, and also the property right to 55% of buildings and constructions, on the Central management of SBU - for 80%, Thus, it will be almost impossible to carry out frauds with the state property, at ought SBU.

Earlier you said that the SBU has 22 land plots. On how many from them now there is a housing construction?

Since November all buildings which were conducted, were stopped. Builders can't take the credits and respectively continue construction.

The Service has an emergency ration?

As well as at each law enforcement agency. Last year we had to buy goods for replenishment of an emergency ration on 360 million hryvnias. Here too it was succeeded to save.The decision to buy only that production which after the termination of an expiration date can be used was made.

For example?

For example, field-glasses, radio stations, weapon. Also refused purchase of who it is necessary to utilize and hardly will ever be useful; Thus, it was succeeded to reduce the sum to 55 million hryvnias.


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