"Faina's" owner increases the sum of repayment

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The shipowner of the vessel "Faina" increases the sum of repayment offered the Somali pirates.

About it there is a speech in a press - the release of the shipowner published in the Internet - The Sea Bulletin — Sovfrakht edition.

The shipowner notes that "negotiations with pirates on release of seamen of "Faina" unimaginably difficult, slowly, but go".

"Understanding all complexity of a situation, the shipowner goes now on unprecedented steps. It in next and, probably, nevertheless last time, makes the decision on increase in the sum of repayment in hope for manifestation of elementary prudence and from pirates", - is emphasized in a press - release.

Thus the shipowner notes that indefinitely process of increase of the sum can't last. Besides, that in this respect there is the relevant resolution of the UN Security Council (No. 1851 of 16.12.2008), is obliged to fulfill which requirements any civilized citizen of the world community, there are also elementary limits of financial opportunities.

"That "Faina", intended daily to make profit and to give work not to one ten people, daily yields nearly four months only losses, and considerable is obvious. All is made the shipowner for formation of the acceptable sum of repayment, and to hope that it will be able to satisfy increasing appetites of pirates - is unreal and is naive", - is told in a press - release.

The shipowner also notes that "all complexity of a situation is caused by character of freight of "Faina" interest to which (and not only on the African continent) doesn't show only the lazy. From here a set of the obvious and highly professionally hidden forces interfering with supersensitive negotiation process: from the piracy princess Michele Leann BALLAREN to the Union of sharia Vessels".

According to the shipowner, "… among pirates is soberminded that allows to hope nevertheless for fast and safe end of this drama history which has infinitely bothered to all".

As reported the UNIAN, the vessel "Faina" was captured by pirates on September 25 last year at coast of Somalia. As a part of vessel crew - 17 citizens of Ukraine. Onboard "Faina" there are 33 tanks T-72, grenade launchers, antiaircraft installations and ammunition which Ukraine sold to Kenya.The vessel is under supervision of several American ships, which task - not to allow weapon and equipment unloading on the coast.

The owner of the Faina motor ship captured by pirates - the WATERLUX AG company.

According to the elder of one of the Somali tribes, it is necessary to pay 3,5 million dollars for "Faina's" release.


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