Nikolayevtsa continue to become victims of "scams"

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The scam existed since then when people learned to define a difference in number of material values per capita.

Over time the format of a scam was transformed beyond recognition, however the principle of its successful functioning always remained firm: until truth the victim of usually perceives very successful being who has managed out of the blue to cheat the unlucky partner in business and to earn on it absolutely for itself unexpectedly solid sum of those material values. Also doesn't suspect (because doesn't want to see the truth) that the unlucky loser actually is burned "volchiny", got up in a dress of an innocent sheep.

When somebody addressed to Alexander Sh. Alexander G. with the tempting offer - absolutely for what to receive 300 dollars a month - the first Alexander such offer was apprehended as gift for his long-suffering and prudent approach under the authority of commercial affairs. Simplicity of operation bribed him practically at once. Alexander G. opens in Nikolaev business on rent of cars, but for its JSC A-motors LTD it is very difficult to obtain the credit for purchase of a large number of transport. And that didn't arise at its future victims of suspicion about any unscrpulous intentions, "And - моторс LTD." concluded the gentleman's agreement about payment of the credit taken from bank on car purchase that automatically erased limit of mistrust between "partners in business". Well here, apparently, all have to remain are happy: Alexander Sh. with guarantee I got during long term a considerable rise to the family budget, Alexander G. - a vehicle which constantly makes profit. This profit also was as if the end result in this commercial operation.

And, really interestingly, except Alexander Sh. on similar profit somebody pecked still? As it appeared, only in Nikolaev wishing to earn on this "transparent" business there were not less than 20 people. And, some even to a motor show didn't reach, their relationship terminated on receiving cash in banking institution.

Also it was good if these credulous nikolayevets wouldn't earn only promised reward for "urgent paid using the vehicle" in a size making "after monthly payment on the credit, minus 10% of the got profit" 1500 UAH monthly. Note: the contract was formed in October, 2007, you remember, how many then cost dollar. The problem consists absolutely in other. According to the credit agreement issued on Alexander Sh. according to which he received on purchase of the car of the BRILLIANCE brand of 138 thousand UAH, the debtor is obliged to return to bank not only a credit body, but also still running 18,5% per annum. For bank counting went since October, 2007. As well as for those who issued the similar credits. And here Alexander G. considered that the credit relations between his partners and bank at all bypass him. And it is valid, already today in vessels of the city some claims of banks to "successful" partners of the owner of firm in rent of cars are considered. Usually in such situations to them starts reaching that lack of a rent and strange loss of partnership with JSC A-motors LTD, yet the most terrible that expects them in the future. Now they understand that under the name "scam" they were in game initially on that party from attractive material values. Unlike Alexander G. who despite all complexity of registration of bank documents with acceptance on itself responsibility for the credits of "partners", continues and today on - silent to earn on already received cars and to process the following applicants for an honorary title "sucker".

It is worth noticing and about one party in this swindle. As injured Alexander Sh. claims, without support from bank similar operation couldn't almost be performed. And being, however, covered with the beznomerny contract on cooperation with the JSC M bank signed by Alexander G. at head office in Kharkov under which JSC A-motors LTD acts as "Seller" (?), the owner of firm on rent of cars parted rough activity in Nikolaev. The streamline formulation of the doubtful document says that subject of the contract "is establishment of the general principles of activity of the Parties in the course of implementation of the project of crediting of legal entities and individuals for the purpose of acquisition of cars". Alexander Sh. tried to translate it into all-Russian at it it it turned out so:The firm looks for and exposes suckers to bank, and then two of them fulfill them according to the full program.

P.S. In this history there are a lot of "dark stains". And questions to all participants of "scam". We will tell why the bank "M" practically didn't check future client on solvency how the conclusion of the credit agreement occurred without registration of the corresponding contract of guarantee why the bank doesn't notice the guarantor what Alexander G. is. And in too time it is absolutely unclear, on what victims in this swindle hope. Why are silent, don't try to defend the reputation. Or, probably, they and initially knew about not absolutely lawful estimated income and reliability of data on at paperwork and therefore especially and don't lean out. And last question: when you will grow wiser and you will cease to peck on a bait of "easy money"?


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