What do we buy in the Nikolaev markets and in supermarkets? Results of check terrify!

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This month the division of veterinary militia of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area held events for quality check of production of food which is realized in networks of supermarkets, and also on is wholesale - food bases and the markets of Nikolaev.

In these actions the state inspectors of veterinary medicine, local militia inspectors, employees on fight against economic crimes of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine took part in the Nikolaev area and representatives of prosecutor's office. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

So, on January 16 in one of the Nikolaev shopping centers when checking refrigerators the fact of storage and realization of 15 kg of fish products and 195 kg of production of poultry farming with substandard organoleptic indicators, besides with the expired terms of realization was elicited.

And on January 19 when checking refrigerators on one of it is wholesale - food bases one more fact of storage and realization of substandard products with the expired periods of storage, this time sausage products (60 kg), meat products (54 kg) and fowl (75 kg) was established.

When checking one of networks of supermarkets of Nikolaev there were established facts of realization of dangerous and low-quality production of an animal origin. In total over 650 kg of low-quality production, including 465 kg of fowl, 131 kg of mincemeat, 35 kg of the frozen meat of pork (delivered from Germany), by 21 kg of cheese and over 6000 eggs were withdrawn from circulation.

Also an inspection on observance veterinarno - sanitary requirements was carried out at preparation, storage and production realization. It is established that at this trade enterprise the fasovaniye of fowl is carried out indoors in which the temperature mode isn't maintained, and also are absent washing and disinfectants, besides the personnel has no overalls.

5 instructions forbidding carrying out own fasovaniye of fowl and the requirement of reduction of work of the enterprises in compliance with the current legislation were handed over to directors of supermarkets.

On the revealed violations concerning officials of the enterprises 8 administrative reports on signs of Art. 107 КУпАП were made.

In only 22 days when carrying out checks of the consumer market of Nikolaev over 90 violations in the sphere of a turn of production of animal husbandry were revealed. 91 officials were brought to administrative responsibility. The sum of penalties made more than 2000 UAH


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