The head of the Nikolaev regional UNP considers that "Neftegaz" has to make property of publicity a formula by which the price of the Russian gas

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The head of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party Yury Shirko considers that "mystery" of all calculations between "Neftegaz" and "Gazprom" bears threat of safety of Ukraine. "Unfortunately, neither representatives of the government, nor representatives of Neftegaz didn't explain the public, the price of the Russian gas is determined by what formula for Ukraine. Therefore, there are entirely reasonable questions why in the first quarter 2009 gas price will make 360, in the second - 270, in the third - 219, and in the fourth - 167 US dollars for one thousand cubic meter" - were told by him, making comments on publication by the vice-chairman of NAK Igor Didenko of purchase prices of the imported gas. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party.

Yury Shirko considers "perfidious such prices first of all we had the memorandum with the Russian side about the three-year period of transition to the European prices. In - the second if already it is a question of the European formula of the price of gas, it is advisable to come to the European formula of transit at once. Meanwhile Ukraine keeps the price of transit established in Soviet period, and pays very high, even according to the European standards, the price for gas is a nonsense. While some European countries, - such as Slovakia, Hungary - receive gas much cheaper, where - that within 250-280 dollars for one thousand cubes.

In - the third, in 1997 the price for gas became attached to the price for BSF rent:97 million dollars of annual rent it was attached to the price in 26 dollars for one thousand cubic meters of gas in the Ukrainian market. If today the gas price for us European, has to be and the European price for rent of the BSF bases is at least 5 billion dollars annually. Any more we don't say that Russia took away from us the Black Sea fleet which according to a formula of distribution of assets of the USSR has to be for 100% ours. Eventually, Russia didn't pay before us for the tactical nuclear weapon".

"On all perimeter of the relations of Ukraine with Russia it is necessary to pass to the European prices and formulas, and not just in the segments favorable to Russia. If to speak about equal relations, it is necessary to come to the general economic denominator in all spheres, and not just gas, then it will be on - honest" - Yury Shirko summed up.


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