CREWE checked maternity hospital No. 3: pregnant women "treated" game in billiards?

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Regional CREWE at the initiative of a municipal government of health care in 2008 carried out audit of the Nikolaev maternity hospital No. 3 and established rough violations of the law. By results of audit there was an impression that it not a municipal institution of health care, and private clinic. The management made administrative decisions at discretion, and in some cases, neglecting standardly - legal acts in the health care sphere, reports a press - service CREWE in the Nikolaev area.

Certainly, auditors within the competence have no right to investigate, and then to claim about remunerations which are paid to doctors in patients of this medical institution. Nevertheless, auditors drew a conclusion that the majority of women who addressed in maternity hospital No. 3, the rights for gratuitous medical examination were deprived.

In particular, that fact testifies to it that the standard states approved by the order of Ministry of Health, provided the contents in structure of institution 2-x doctors on ultrasonic researches, so, in establishment there has to be the corresponding equipment. However actually such equipment wasn't, but doctors - business owners who rented the room in maternity hospital were taken at the staff and provided services on own equipment on a paid basis.

Though auditors are deprived of the right to check activity of business owners, they managed to establish that during 2006 - the first half of the year 2008 total amount of the income of these businessmen made over 250 thousand UAH. The question arises: why the management didn't provide acquisition of the necessary equipment?

The explanation of it deficiency of budgetary funds doesn't maintain criticism.Perhaps, such state of affairs satisfied the maternity hospital management, and this problem wasn't solved deliberately, creating conditions for activity of business owners?

Besides, these business owners also from the budget received a salary in total amount about 50 thousand UAH, establishment paid the corresponding insurance premiums in the sum of 17 thousand UAH

The maternity hospital is continuously operating establishment. For this purpose states provided 4,75 units of anesthesiologists. But in maternity hospital No. 3 at a position 2-x doctors of anesthesiologists the radiologist and the pediatrician, that is continuous were enlisted, and it is possible, and urgent medical aid by the patient wasn't provided.

By Tabelirovaniye of working hours of certain workers it was carried out formally, without their actual place of work in structural divisions of establishment. Responsible for it explain that movement of experts between structural divisions and their tabelirovaniye was carried out on request of the chief physician that contradicts financial and regular discipline.

Generally audit established illegal expenses on the sum nearly 165 thousand UAH

Were allowed violation standardly - legal acts which regulate the budgetary discipline when planning expenses that led to overestimate of budgetary appropriations for the sum over 100 thousand UAH

Violation on charge to workers of sick-lists caused short-reception of the income by them for the sum of 10,4 thousand UAH

Accounting violation relatively not led receipts of the land plot to understating of cost of assets on 2,8 million UAH

Also separate violations of the tender legislation took place.

The carried-out inventory established surplus tovarno - material values, medical equipment, furniture and the billiard table located in the room for rest (whom? ).

And so, to auditors "the latest technologies" introduced by the management in treatment of women by game in billiards are unclear.

For the allowed violations six officials are brought to administrative responsibility. Materials are transferred to prosecutor's office of Nikolaev, the municipal government of health care which, by the way, accepted a principled stand in the matter is informed, and therefore from a post the chief physician is dismissed. Measures for elimination of the revealed violations are taken.


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