The antimonopoly committee initiated proceedings in the relation of "Esthetics bureau", but didn't pass the decision?

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Today, on February 17, during raid on dismantle illegally established big - boards, the director of KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" Alexander Omelchuk expressed the opinion concerning actions from Antimonopoly committee. We will remind that the Nikolaev territorial office of AMKU initiated proceedings in the relation of "Esthetics bureau" - local "anti-monopolists" considered that activity of such enterprise can lead to restriction and competition distortion in the market of outdoor advertizing.

- The antimonopoly committee opened matter in the relation of the solution of session of city council about investment with "Esthetics bureau" the rights of working body, - Alexander Omelchuk speaks. - And now, I so understand, there is a preparation for pronouncement of any decision of Antimonopoly committee. As far as I know, it still isn't present. We will expect. And if it appears, we will challenge it in court.

On Alexander Omelchuk's deep belief, the city such enterprise is very necessary. And more effectively to bring an order with advertizing as it considers, no other structure - especially, Antimonopoly committee will be able.

- Certainly, to us it would be simpler if didn't prevent to work, allowed us time to work, show, on what we are capable and what plans at us - and after that to estimate our activity. And so, with summer to beat … We will try to prove the efficiency and correctness in all lawful ways.

According to available information, "Esthetics bureau" is exposed to checks from at once several services. For example, yesterday and today office of the municipal enterprise visited checking of the Nikolaev representation of the State committee on questions of business and regulatory policy. They were interested in internal documentation of the municipal enterprise, watched the contracts signed with businessmen.

According to preliminary data, the "illegal" or "anti-competitive" enterprise they yet didn't find anything in activity as all decisions on which activity of "Esthetics bureau" is based, were accepted not specifically by this body, and executive committee of city council. However, we will receive a full picture of results of this check in some days when the inspection statement …

will be ready

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