"Gazprom" found in Hungary illegal gas from Ukraine

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"Gazprom" sent to the Hungarian power management at the Ministry of Economics and transport the complaint that the Hungarian company Emfesz illegally imports gas from Ukraine.

About it on Thursday the Hungarian newspaper Vilaggazdasag wrote, the Businessman - Ukraine" reports ".

The head of the Hungarian power management Ferenk Horvat confirmed that the letter from "Gazprom" came on Wednesday: "Today I signed letters in both companies in which we order them to provide proofs. We have to check these charges".

Emfesz enters Group DF of Dmitry Firtash, writes the edition. The company provides with natural gas a quarter of the Hungarian market, supplying the industrial enterprises, municipal authorities and heating over 100 thousand apartments.

It has a contract with "Rosukrenergo" (for 50% belongs to "Gazprom", for 45% - to Dmitry Firtash) on purchase of 3 billion cubic meter of gas a year till 2015.

After the recent gas conflict of "Rosukrenergo" it was excluded from schemes of gas deliveries from Russia to Ukraine, but applies for 11 billion cubic meter of gas in the Ukrainian storages.

The head of Emfesz Ishtvan Gotsi explained: "We don't know, whose gas we choose. "Gazprom" only reported that it not its resources". In opinion the top - the manager, goes completion of the new scheme of deliveries which arose after gas crisis as not all questions then were settled.

Other source close to Emfesz, added: "Several times in day there are faxes - that of "Gazprom", of "Rosukrenergo": "you pay for gas to us". The head goes around".

On Thursday in "Gazprom" and "Gazprom export" comments concerning a situation in Emfesz refused. But at the end of January a top - the manager of "Gazprom export" said that "it is necessary to understand why Hungarians take away gas if it isn't contracted".

The question of the contracts Emfesz c of "Rosukrenergo" in connection with the conflict round 11 billion cubic meter of gas in storages of Ukraine, according to the local newspaper, last Tuesday was discussed at meeting in the Ministry of Economics and transport.


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