At Yushchenko see that BYuT and Regions began movement to dictatorship

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BYuT fractions and Party of Regions, having voted for cancellation of snap elections of deputies of the Ternopol regional council, actually crossed out an inalienable right of citizens to form electoral authorities and took a step to dictatorship.

It was declared by the deputy head of the secretariat of president - the representative of the president in the Constitutional Court Marina Stavniychuk, making comments on the decision on deprivation of force of the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada on purpose of these elections in Ternopol.

"The constitution of Ukraine accurately defines: the only source of the power in Ukraine are the people. The people have the exclusive right to form national and local electoral authorities. The yesterday's solution two of the largest of fraction of parliament actually crossed out this constitutional law and made attempt to usurp the power", - I declared Stavniychuk.

"As the history testifies, elimination of citizens from process of formation of power institutions outside the constitution and laws is a "classical" start of motion to dictatorship", - she added:

"So, in 1918 Bolsheviks dispersed democratically chosen Constituent Assembly that put foundations for formation of communistic dictatorship. Fascist modes in Italy and Germany appeared as a result of regeneration of the weak democracies driven into a corner by aggressive populists. After power capture by "black colonels" in Greece, elections were cancelled, and the next 7 years the country the military junta" ruled.

She emphasized that "for all history of modern independent Ukraine this first decision of the Verkhovna Rada by which in an anticonstitutional way elections practically on the eve of the voting day" are cancelled.

By words Stavniychuk, official motivation of cancellation of the Ternopol elections - a difficult economic situation in the country, "about which as it appears, it wasn't known two months ago when the same BYuT and PR voted for purpose of elections in Ternopolshchina", and lack of necessary means - "strikes with illegality and falsity".

The representative of the president noted that for March 3 nearly 7 million UAH.that makes more than 70% of the funds allocated for carrying out the Ternopol regional elections, already were in area, and for ensuring electoral process works on more than are already performed by 3 million UAH. "There is a question: who will compensate these means and who will be responsible for such squandering? ", - I asked Stavniychuk.

"Reasoning need of adoption of the yesterday's resolution of the Verkhovna Rada threats of "failure of carrying out the specified elections", the parliament in general cancelled these elections instead of directing efforts to law enforcement of their carrying out", - she was indignant, having added that as a result open there was a question of numerous and systematic violations of the Constitution and laws the Ternopol regional council, from - for which early elections in it were appointed, - and it conducts to self-government "paralysis".

"I SAY LIES the detailed analysis of all circumstances of the yesterday's decision about cancellation of the Ternopol elections testifies to a prevalence of political reasons over legal arguments and democratic basis", - I noted Stavniychuk.

"If so goes further, it isn't excluded that practice of cancellation of elections at local level some political forces will extend and on national elections", - the deputy head of the secretariat of president told.


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