Yatsenyuk doesn't want to be Minister of Foreign Affairs – it is occupied

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine (WELL fraction - NANOSECOND), the leader of "The front of changes" Arseniy Yatsenyuk assumes that the politician, but not it can head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The deputy declared it on air of the 5th channel.

According to him, the politician as in Europe there was a practice can be appointed to this position that Ministers of Foreign Affairs are "exclusively classical politicians who passed different state steps which have to communicate in different languages and which have to conduct foreign policy".

On specifying question of the journalist: "How A. Yatsenyuk? ", the deputy answered: "Yes isn't present. A. Yatsenyuk already there was. I at the moment am engaged in another matters".

At the same time A. Yatsenyuk rigidly scarified the parliament decision concerning Vladimir Ogryzko's discharge from a position of the Foreign Minister.

He considers inappropriate "to do a laughing-stock on the external arena, and, actually, to do it to please to certain political forces".

According to A. Yatsenyuk, the parliament violated the law of Ukraine, making such decision as in the law on the Cabinet it is provided that the President makes offers concerning appointment and release of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defence.


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