From - for an agiotage round salt mines can be closed?

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The present agiotage in the market of salt can shortly lead to problems in GPO "Artemsol" work.

The director of the enterprise Igor Kostyrin told journalists about it on Friday, reports Island.

He noted that for the enterprise the spring season is traditionally accompanied by recession.

Now, from - for appeared hearings about possible deficiency of salt, the enterprise, providing an excessive demand, can sate for long time the market that further can lead to a certain decline in production.

From - for oversaturation of the market capacities that will cause free holidays for employees will be not fully involved. Besides, mister Kostyrin didn't exclude that closing of 1-2 salt mines is possible.

Recently across Ukraine rumors about possible deficiency of table salt are actively spread. These hearings led to that in a number of regions the frightened citizens buy salt for the future, devastating warehouses and counters. GP "Artemsol" declared that работаект is stable and capable to satisfy any needs for the production.

Meanwhile the Artemovsky mayor Alexey Reva appealed in SBU to understand the reasons of artificially created agiotage in the salt market.

The mayor noted that artificial deficiency of salt caused social tension, having recognized thus that "certain dealers were unfair".

According to the mayor, hearings about deficiency of salt aren't connected at all with management change at the enterprise.

Appointment to the post of the director general of GPO "Artemsol" Dmitry Dotsenko took place according to the current legislation the Ministry of an agrarian policy.

Dmitry Dotsenko entered a position on January 29, 2009.


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