Yushchenko unfroze prices for the Ukrainian food in free flight

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The president of Ukraine stopped action of some provisions of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of August 6, 2008 No. 709.

About it reports a press - service of the President of Ukraine.

The specified resolution made changes to the Order of declaring of change is wholesale - selling prices of foodstuff, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of October 17, 2007 No. 1222.

"These changes have revolutionary character without exaggeration, - reports a press - Yushchenko's service. - Instead of an informative order of declaring the managing subject of intention to change the prices established the allowing.

Each subject, from small production to factories and the plants making the Ukrainian production which in this hard time provide employment of the population and production most socially important goods, at increase it is wholesale - selling prices of 1 percent have to collect a package of documents and bear it in territorial bodies of the State inspectorate for control of the prices.

By results of the analysis of this information rise in prices can be coordinated or isn't coordinated, and criteria for recognition of such increase unreasonable and refusal in coordination by the specified resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine isn't provided.

Moreover, despite that fact that the enterprise can be in the village for one hundred kilometers from the regional center, it after obtaining the positive conclusion of Gostseninspektion has to bear a new package of documents respectively in Council of ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the regional, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administrations and ask officials to allow it to sell the production.

And such enterprises - hundreds thousands.

Thus import production without excess efforts is delivered and on sale at any price.

Such approach limits the right of owners established by the Constitution for the order to the property, creates threat of elimination, restriction or competition distortion.

Besides, the bases for increase of a tenization of production and trade, growth of corruption and deficiency emergence on separate goods are created.Considering that fact that the resolution extends on socially significant goods, interruptions in their sale will lead to considerable negative consequences.

Being guided above-mentioned, the President of Ukraine made the decision on a stop of separate provisions of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of August 6, 2008 No. 709".


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